Five Tools You Need to Install Any Drawer Slide

Five Tools You Need to Install Any Drawer Slide

  • When installing a drawer slide it is critical that you have the right tools. Having the right tools will ensure your slides are properly aligned and installed right the first time.
  • Before beginning any slide installation project, make sure you have a pencil, a square, a power drill and bit, a no. 2 Phillips screwdriver, and center punch.
  • One additional tool that can be helpful is the jig. Having one on hand can make the job less daunting to a first-time installer.

Installing a drawer slide can be intimidating. Regardless of your slides being under-mounted or side mounted. If the slides are not aligned, or you don’t have the right tools, installation can be challenging. Having the right tools for installing drawer slides sounds obvious – but just what are those right tools

To answer, we came up with a short list of essentials you need to install your drawer slide.

1. Phillips No. 2 Screwdriver

Each pack of Accuride slides includes all necessary screws for installation*. For conventional Accuride slides, such as the 3800 Enhanced Series, those screws work with Phillips Head No. 2 screwdrivers.

*Note: Accuride D-Packs include screws, but always check with your distributor on whether they include screws.

2. Power Drill & Drill Bit (.093 dia., or 3/32″)

A power drill makes installation less burdensome. You can use a power drill to insert mounting screws as well as pre-drilling the mounting holes, but — and it’s a big but — you take the chance of stripping the mounting hole if you’re not careful. Be sure to have the right size drill bit, 3/32 of an inch. You can learn more about drill bits with this helpful guide.

3. Square


Squares are the best tool to measure when installing slides. Squares are made up of two straight edges, each positioned 90 degrees to the other. These are great for accurately measuring right angles, as well as setting up marking points for drilling holes. You can use a tape measure, which is more flexible, but it’s not as accurate when locating the centerlines or set-back.

4. Pencil


Pencils are very useful to have when marking mounting points after you measure them. We suggest pencils over pens for the benefit of being able to erase an incorrect mark. Plus, they won’t leave a permanent mark which could be hard to sand out or stain over.

5. Center Punch


Use a center punch tool to locate the mounting holes before pre-drilling them. The center punch imprints a dimple that guides the tip of a screw or drill, making it a useful tool to have when mounting slides. Not using a center punch risks having your drill wander or go into unwanted angles, ruining a mounting point.

Bonus: Jig

The simple, yet versatile jig can make drawer slide installation even easier. A jig is often used when installing multiple drawers but is not necessary for installing slides. However, having one on hand might make the job less daunting to a first-time installer.

Above is a demonstration of a drawer slider jig in action.

Note: Accuride does not sponsor or otherwise endorse any particular brand of the jig. We’re referencing the video to demonstrate how this tool works.

Clamped on the cabinet frame, a jig secures a drawer slide into the position you need for mounting. Some can even support a drawer box so there’s alignment between drawer and cabinet.

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