Accuride Answers: Five More of Your FAQs Answered

Accuride Answers: Five More of Your FAQs Answered

Ever since we launched our new website, customers like you have presented us with a slew of questions. Many of these questions go beyond ones addressed in the FAQ Section of our Resource Page.

Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions (that we haven’t covered yet).

#1: Which Accuride slide is best for my flipper or pocket door?

Measure your pocket or flipper door’s weight and dimensions. Every product page for our pocket/flipper door slides includes max dimensions and weight for that slide.

For example, the Accuride 123 Light-Duty Slide for Pocket Doors supports pocket doors up to 42 in. tall, 24 in. wide, and 30 lbs.

Flipper and pocket door slides are identical mechanically but arranged for different orientations. A flipper door slide supports horizontal doors, while a pocket door slide supports vertical ones. A slide for a flipper door factors a door wider than it is tall, whereas as one for a pocket door factors a door that is taller than it is wide.

For more information on this topic, read our blog “Flipper & Pocket Doors: What’s the Difference?” To see a list of Accuride slides for flipper and pocket doors, see our Online Store’s Flipper Door Slides Section.

#2: I want to order a 115RC or 116RC Accuride linear track system. What parts do I need for my project?

The minimum parts you need for any Accuride linear track system are:

  • One Carriage
  • One Track

We recommend you include at least one end stop with your track system. We offer 115RC End Stops and 116RC End Stops.

If you want to have a silent closing or dampened impact, include:

An Easy-Close Kit for the 115RC

A damper and recycling bracket for the 116RC



#3: When do I need to attach a platform bracket to my 9300 Series Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide?

Use a mounting bracket for 9300 Series slides when you mount a platform or shelf instead of a drawer.

This cross-section image shows the different mounting arrangements a bracket provides for a 9300 Heavy-Duty Slide. You can find this on the 9300 technical sheet under “Downloads” on the product page.

The video above shows the ways you can mount sliding platforms using these brackets.

You can order a 9300 Series Platform Bracket Kit at our Online Store.

#4: What is the difference between a left-handed and right-handed slide?

Most slides are ambidextrous (or “non-handed”), but some have special features when left- or right-handedness matters.

For example, let’s consider the 9308E Heavy-Duty Lock-In & Lock-Out Slide. The 9308E has a tab you press down to disengage the locking mechanism so you can open or close a drawer. You’re meant to mount a left-handed 9308E slide on the left so you can press it down with your left thumb.



The image above shows an example of a left-handed 9308 Heavy-Duty Slide. Notice the arrangement of the yellow tab, which is used to disengaging the lock-in and lock-out feature.

Only some slides come in a “handed” position. Accuride offers bundles of some of these. The 9308-E5, for instance, includes one-handed 9308E locking slide bundled with one regular (non-handed) 9301E slide. (This is an economical alternative to buying two locking slides in situations where one suffices.)

Other handed slides include those designed for:

#5: Is there a medium-duty lock-in and lock-out slide by Accuride?

Yes! The Accuride 3308 is a medium-duty slide with a lock-in and lock-out feature just like the 9308E.

The 3308 also includes:

  • an extra inch of travel for easier access to your drawer’s contents
  • a maximum load rating of 150 lbs.
  • a lever to remove or insert drawers quickly and conveniently

You can order a 3308 from your local Accuride distributor.

Do you have a question about an Accuride product not seen here or our FAQ Page? Don’t worry! Ask our Technical Support, leave a comment, or message us on Facebook.

We’ll have more FAQs answered soon! Till next time, stay connected with Accuride!

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