All You Need to Know About Hold-In & Hold-Out Detents

All You Need to Know About Hold-In & Hold-Out Detents

  • A detent helps hold drawers open or closed.
  • Most Accuride slides come with a hold-in detent.
  • Some Accuride slides include a hold-out detent.

Ever close a drawer in your kitchen, turn to do something else, only to hear or see that drawer roll back out. You shut it again, but that drawer still rolls out.

You then try to hold it closed, hoping somehow this time it’ll stick.

You lift your hand off the drawer. It seems to stay close. You then step away…only to see the drawer roll out again. You throw your hands up in defeat and storm out of the kitchen.

This is a common issue with cheap or worn slides. But a little thing goes a long way to fixing that problem.

That thing is called a detent.

You can find detents on Accuride slides. This model, a 3832EDO, has two detents: One helps hold a drawer open, and one to help hold it closed.

A detent helps hold a drawer in a closed or open position. A hold-in detent, or detent-in, works via a rubber bumper.

Many popular Accuride slides, such as this 3832EDO, include a hold-out detent.

This video shows the detent-out in action. You can see a latch slide into place behind a protrusion on the slide’s outer (cabinet) member. Unseen is the interaction between the slide’s disconnect latch and the guide block.

A hold-out detent, or detent-out, works when a latch interfaces with its slide’s components and members.

Most Accuride slides come with a hold-in detent. However, only certain Accuride models, such as the 3832EDO come with a hold-out detent. (DO = Detent Out.) Hold-out detents are useful in many applications: pull-out folding boards for laundry, storage compartments in medical carts, and keyboard trays.

Detents tend to wear out after years of frequent use. Fortunately, replacing a detent on an Accuride slide is easy as a phone call, e-mail, or message to our Customer Service Team.

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