What is Progressive Movement in a Slide?

What is Progressive Movement in a Slide?

The ball bearing telescopic slide was a step forward in drawer movement. ‘Progressive movement’ is a step forward from that.

Even the telescopic drawer slide has room for progress.

As referenced in our Slideology series, a ball bearing slide uses metal or plastic balls to permit movement between sliding members. Generally, a ball bearing slide has an inner member mounted onto a drawer’s surface and an outer member mounted onto a cabinet’s surface. These members link together and allow you to open and close your drawer with ease.

Progressive slides, like the Accuride 4034, deliver extra-smooth and silent movement.

Progressive movement works a little differently, though it still uses ball bearings with sliding members.

A special roller links and moves the unassisted members of a progressive movement slide.

All non-fixed sliding members move simultaneously thanks to a special roller that connects and drives the unassisted members. This results in extra smooth and silent movement, providing the optimal sensorial experience.

Most progressive-movement slides tend to be rail-mounted, but not all rail-mounted slides have progressive movement.

Watch the video to see progressive movement in action!

The Accuride 4034 is an example of a rail-mounted drawer slide with progressive movement. It features a full-extension design and supports loads up to 150 lbs. The 4034 is a popular choice in office cabinetry because of its common side-space (half an inch), versatile hole pattern, and extra inch-and-a-half of travel.

Progressive slides, like the Accuride 4000 Series, are common in filing cabinets because of their relative slimness and hefty load bearing ability.

However, their smoothness and silence have made them an increasingly popular option in millwork for upscale homes and commercial spaces. So consider one for your cabinetry!

Interested in effortless, quiet movement for your cabinetry? Then check out the Accuride 4034! This class-topping medium-duty progressive slide handles up to 150 lbs. and features 1.5 in. of over-travel. It’s the perfect slide to carry hefty loads while offering maximum access. Choose from clear zinc or black finish, and from even lengths of 12 to 28 in.

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