Accuride in Action: 2020 Year in Review

Accuride in Action: 2020 Year in Review

2020 has challenged everyone—Accuride included. Despite these challenges, we have remained dedicated to driving movement solutions forward for our customers.

With the year at a close, we wanted to reflect on some bright spots from 2020.

Model3306.290 (4).jpg
Exhaustively cycle-tested for long-lasting quality, the 3306DO is ideal for transportation applications.

Accuride rolled out an all-new medium-duty slide, the 3306DO Detent-Out for customers in the industrial engineering space. The 3306DO includes a lock-in feature and hold-out detent, making it perfect for storage compartments in RVs and emergency vehicles. It handles loads up to 150 lbs. and includes a lever-disconnect.

That’s not all. We rolled out several pages for specific markets. Our latest: One dedicated to corrosion-resistant solutions—in time for winter, no less!

IVM Vending Machine.jpg
This vending machine utilizes the Accuride 115RC linear track system to ensure healthcare workers can safely access equipment.

Accuride movement solutions continued to underpin a wide range of creative applications this year. We covered our work in medical vending machines, lock-in/lock-out storage in emergency vehicles, and even a very unique wine cabinet.

The onset of COVID-19 took the world by storm and affected communities everywhere. Accuride’s Mexicali team donated to help supply the community’s first-responders. Those supplies aided medical teams in their fight against an almost overwhelming number of infections earlier in the year.

We also continued our popular Slideology Series, explaining the difference between Easy-Close and self-close slides.

Accuride heavy-duty 9301E drawer slides provide up to 600 lbs. of additional storage to this camper van.

For much of the year, we worked remotely and appreciated more than ever the ability to connect with our customers through social media. We had the opportunity to see and share numerous customer designs, like this family camper van by Contravans, which utilizes our heavy-duty 9301E and 9308E slides.

Like many, we’re looking forward to 2021. Accuride has a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, like more new product releases! As always, you can stay connected with us through our blog and on social media. See you next year—we believe it will be the best yet!

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