Catch up on Accuride’s YouTube Channel: Product Videos

Catch up on Accuride’s YouTube Channel: Product Videos

Part 2: Product Videos

Exciting things are happening at Accuride International, and we can’t wait to share them with you! New partnerships are happening all the time, and the best way to keep up is by subscribing to Accuride’s YouTube channel. We have many new videos so keep reading for some highlights of our channel.

Enhanced 3832EC – Light Duty, Easy-Close, Side Mount Slide Solution

The Accuride 3832EC is the perfect light-duty full-extension side mount drawer slide on the market today! This classic style easy close slide has an automatic reset stroke of 1.75″, your drawers will close in a controlled manner every single time. These slides are also designed for the long haul. The mechanism responsible for the easy close system is shielded to avoid debris, particles, and outside objects interfering with the product. Disconnecting is also a breeze with the convenient lever-disconnect feature.

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Weather Resistant CH3832 Easy-Close Drawer Slide

The perfect option for a greenhouse, locker room, or outdoor space, the Accuride CH3832 light-duty, full-extension drawer slide won’t rust or wear out over time when exposed to the elements. We have applied a special weather-resistant coating to this slide to make it over eight times better protected than our normal zinc finish. This lightweight slide supports loads up to 100lbs and drawers as wide as 24”. The combination of a hold-in detent, silenced slide, stainless-steel ball retainer and bearings means you’ll get the same performance on this slide as the others from Accuride, with the extra protection an outdoor slide requires.

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Accuride 9300 Drawer Slides – High-Quality Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

The Accuride 9300 family has long been the benchmark for heavy-duty ball bearing slides. Now that benchmark has gotten higher with newly enhanced series. The result of more than 10,000 hours of research, engineering, and testing, the enhanced 9300 carries loads 20% greater than before—all with smooth and silent operation. The 9300 Enhanced handles loads to 600 lbs. and is available in even lengths from 10 to 60 in. (depending on model). The 9300 also accommodates drawers up to 42 in. wide and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Accuride 3634EC – Heavy-Duty Slide for Wide Drawers

The Accuride 3634EC has a load rating of 150 lbs. It is designed especially for heavy-duty applications and wide drawers! Overtravel and heavy-duty with Easy-Close action. The new 3634EC is perfect for wide drawers, trays, and storage bins that require heavy-duty capacity, over travel, and Easy-Close action. This slide pairs well with our 3832 Easy-Close slide since it conveniently utilizes the same cabinet member hole pattern making installation quick and easy.

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Accuride 3832TR Touch Release Drawer Slide

The Accuride 3832TR Touch Release drawer slide eliminates knobs, handles or other hardware giving your project a sleek look with Accuride quality performance. The Accuride 3832TR is perfect for tight spaces, mobile carts, and drawers that need to remain closed while in transit. To go along with our super popular 3832 slide, we’ve added the touch release technology that requires just 5lbs of pressure to open. Just like the rest of the 3832 line, this is a light-duty full extension slide with lever disconnect. The touch release feature makes this the perfect option for medical offices where sanitation is paramount, situations where space is important, or in any application where the drawers must remain shut while being moved.

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Accuride 0363 & 2002 – Two-Way Travel Dual Access Drawer Slide

Designed for use in kitchen islands, dining or entertainment bars, or other cabinetry that benefits from two-sided access. Both these slides feature full extension from a fixed center point. This means they will extend forwards and backward with equal extension. They are also equipped with a robust hold-in detent so they will not slide out when not being used. These fixtures are perfect for both space saving and busy area’s which require two-way function.

Accuride 3135EC Eclipse Undermount Easy-Close Slide

The new and improved 3135EC Eclipse undermount slide delivers flawless movement, easy adjustment, and superior soft-close action for drawers up to 30″ wide. This high performance slide is ideal for commercial or high-end residential applications.

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Accuride 116RC – Heavy Duty Linear Track System for Sliding Doors

The 116RC Linear Motion Track System lets you move heavy-duty applications with the slightest ease. Thanks to innovative ball carriages, the 116RC lets you slide applications up to 795 lbs. with as little as 5 lbs. of pull force. This ADA-compliant linear track system uses corrosion-resistant, lightweight components for easy installation and low maintenance. This aluminum track system comes in 94.5” and 142” for customization over a large number of applications. Recirculating ball carriages come with stainless steel or polymer ball bearings. The stainless steel ball bearings will give you a greater load capacity, while the polymer guarantees a quiet slide.

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Linear Motion Friction Guides | The Accuride FG115 System

Discover revolutionary movement with the new FG115 friction guide! The FG115 combines a lightweight, corrosion-resistant rail with an easy-to-install cartridge. This superb combination brings smooth, silent movement without the need for maintenance! Able to handle moist and harsh environments, the FG115 gives many possibilities–and no hassles. The FG115 uses a self-lubricating carriage and rail to bring a smooth slide function without ball-bearings like traditional slides. This allows the FG115 a quiet and vibration resistant motion. The FG115 can also be cut down or butted together to fit any length application. The carriage also comes in three different types: The Auto Adjust, Non-Adjust, or the Manual Adjust.

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Accuride 115RC Easy Close Linear Track System

The 115RC is a medium duty linear track system that has a wide variety of applications combined with the Accuride quality you’d expect! The versatile 115RC linear track system is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant system that can be mounted on its side, flat or vertically. This allows you to guide movable walls, sliding racks, screens, panels, and assembly lines seamlessly. An optional Easy-Close device helps to control and slow component movement at the end of the travel designed for use with the 115RC Linear Motion Track System.

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Accuride AL4190 Medium-Duty Slides with Tilt-Track System

track system that extends and tilts drawers downward for easy viewing and access to contents. Use for supply and equipment storage in mobile applications and warehouse, manufacturing or garage facilities, retail fixtures, commercial kitchens and restaurants, medical facilities, garages, and more. Motion hardware has become a staple in tool box and industrial slide design in recent years, and the AL4190 is a perfect fit for these projects.

This drawer slide is designed to be easy to fit and fully adjustable, with the bonus of a customizable tilt angle. These aluminum tracks can but cut to any length and the corrosion-resistant coating provides the perfect fully adjustable, long-lasting slides. They also have an optional lock-in feature!

Moving Interiors – Automotive Sliding Systems

Accuride movement solutions can be found everywhere, but especially in automobiles. This video uses 3D modeling to show how those movement solutions are seamlessly applied to passenger vehicles.

When you look at your seat, you can use our slides both for under-seat compartments and extended leg rests. The under seat compartment gives you another spot to store items that are only occasionally needed to keep your car clean. The seat adjustment is amazing to make the driver seat fit the individual better and more comfortably. Last but not least, Accuride slides are often found in the armrest between driver and passenger seat. This can be a great bonus for both room and comfort of the space between people!

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