A Look Back at 2018: Highlights & Spotlights for A Happy New Year

A Look Back at 2018: Highlights & Spotlights for A Happy New Year

Happy Holidays from your friend Accuride! ‘Tis the season to celebrate, so we gathered some of our favorite blogs and features from the past year to commemorate 2018 and give praise to our diverse community of movers and innovators. In case you missed it, here are the first-rate moments of Always Moving Forward as we reflect on this year.

Five Frequent Questions About Accuride Slides Answered

Back in February, we wanted our established audience and anyone new to the world of motion hardware to be on the same page concerning Accuride solutions. We reviewed pertinent topics such as how to remove a drawer slide via the disconnect options our products offer (lever, rail, friction, and push latch) as well as the four main specs that help in determining which Accuride slide is right for you (drawer width, depth, load rating, and side-space). Whether a new or returning customer, our aim was to demystify our drawer slides, the ordering process, and how to reach Technical Support for replacement parts–all for a seamless experience from pre-installation to finished design.

Challenging Notions: Polish & Power Tools

Springtime brought our customer story spotlight on Nashville-based Claire Baldwin of Polish & Power Tools. A one-woman show in the male-dominated industry of custom woodworking, Claire talked about the first piece of furniture she ever built–a coffee table while she was in college–and her emphasis on quality for every single project. Accuride is proud to make the cut for Polish & Power Tools as well as other DIY builders across the country. These days, Claire is wrapping up the year with a porch swing bed, glass tabletop, and wood wall art–walnut abounds Follow Claire’s Instagram page for all of her woodworking adventures!

The Accu-Story: Celebrating 60+ Years of Inspiration & Innovation

This last August, Accuride turned 60 years old! In honor of the milestone, we traced the timeline of the company’s humble beginnings as a small tool and die shop in South Gate, California to its current global reach with 6 manufacturing locations throughout the world. By sharing our story, we hoped to illustrate the sentiments behind our products–those of growth, quality, and commitment to success.

Accuride Pyrolytic Slides: What They Are and Why They’re A Big Deal

Just in time for Fall and Thanksgiving, Accuride released its latest innovation–the specialty pyrolytic slide for self-cleaning ovens. With the rise of self-cleaning ovens in the everyday residential kitchen, our Europe team keenly crafted a solution that involved switching out a standard grease for a graphite insert within a telescopic slide. The use of granite in this application eliminates harmful emissions while also withstanding cleaning cycles in the dishwasher and oven itself.

Accuride In Action: 1st In Emergency Products

Every year, Accuride is proud to lend a hand to first responders all over the country who save lives while putting theirs at risk. We spoke with Ryan Dodd, Vice President of Operations at 1st In Emergency Products, a New Jersey-based venture that specializes in modifying vehicles for police, firefighters, and paramedics. In building communication consoles, specialized cabinets, and electronic compartments for these emergency vehicles, 1st in Emergency Products used Accuride’s 9300 slides for their sheer strength and lock-in/lock-out features that boost safety and easy-access to critical equipment on the scene.

Making The Home of The Future a Reality

Last but definitely not least, Accuride was proud to be of service to the Virginia Tech team that spearheaded FutureHAUS, a modular home concept that’s energy efficient, adaptable, and technologically advanced. Our 116RC Linear Track System was utilized throughout FutureHaus to help automate adjustable and space-saving fixtures in the 900 square foot home. Winner of the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East in Dubai, Accuride is proud to be partnered with the innovative thinkers that are shaping the future of home design.

There you have it! These highlights from 2018 serve to remind us all within the Accu-Community of our previous successes and give us inspiration for upcoming projects and challenges as we face the New Year. Let’s ring in 2019 with good cheer and cutting-edge breakthroughs that bring progress to all.

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