Accuride in Action: 1st In Emergency Products

Accuride in Action: 1st In Emergency Products

There are over 40,000 emergency calls every day in the Tri-State Area.

That’s over 100 calls every minute. With that many critical situations, emergency personnel can’t afford to risk equipment malfunction.

Ryan Dodd knows a lot about that. As VP of Operations for 1st In Emergency Products, Dodd understands that there’s no margin for failure.

Based in New Jersey’s Passaic County, 1st In modifies passenger vehicles for police, firefighters, and paramedics in and around New York. Some of those modifications include:

  • Communications consoles
  • Specialized cabinets
  • Electronic compartments

Those modifications must withstand frequent and heavy use. “Emergency service personnel put their equipment through the extremes,” Dodd explains. “They need to get access to their equipment quickly, safely, and hassle-free.” Failure at the wrong time can put lives risk.

In this video, Ryan Dodd, VP of Operations, explains how important it is to have a dependable and robust movement solution in 1st In Emergency Products’ field.

Accuride plays a role in ensuring 1st In’s mission. As Dodd notes: “Accuride helps us complete our mission by manufacturing heavy duty slides that can take the abuse that our products are put through on a daily basis.”

1st In relies on the Accuride 9300 Series. Specifically, Accuride relies on the 9301E Enhanced Heavy-Duty and the 9308E Enhanced Heavy-Duty with Lock-In & Lock-Out slides.


Available in many lengths and variants, the 9300 Heavy-Duty Slide has long been a go-to for proving storage movement in emergency and utility vehicles.

The recently enhanced 9300 Series handles loads up to 600 lbs. and 42 in. wide. This family of full-extension, non-disconnect slides is available in lengths from 10 to 60 in.

Besides the 9301 and 9308 Enhanced, Accuride offers other models of the 9300 Series.

The 9307E, for instance, includes a lock-in feature to keep drawers and other compartments closed. As with the 9308E, pressing down on a yellow tab unlocks the drawer to open or close. Another model, the 9328E, has the same lock-out/lock-out feature of the 9308E, but is designed to support pocket-and-bayonet mounting—a common (and convenient) installation method in industrial settings.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and exhaustive cycle testing, companies like 1st In Emergency Products have found the 9300 Series a heavy-duty movement solution they can truly count on. That’s because they know how critical it is for their customers to have a product that works.

Dodd summarizes it simply: “Don’t waste your time with any other product. It will only waste your customers’ time, which is bad for any business.”

For more on movement solutions for emergency services, see how Accuride heavy-duty slides help one local fire department stay in action and saving lives. Have a need for an Accuride product or want to share your Accuride story? Post a comment on here or message us on one of our social media channels below!

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