High Quality Means Cost Savings in the Long Run

High Quality Means Cost Savings in the Long Run

Since Accuride began producing drawer slides more than 50 years ago, the quality standards of Accuride have stood the test of time resulting in worldwide industry recognition. Those who have worked with these impeccably manufactured slides know very well that Accuride products are in an elite category, but what these customers might not always think about, is how much money Accuride can save them.

The premium materials and expert craftsmanship that go into every Accuride product ensure that they will last longer than the competition. Bench-tested against other similar products, Accuride’s drawer slides have comparatively longer longevity and life cycles. The fact that Accuride slides don’t have to be replaced often mean users can save money by not spending money on costly replacement products or frequent labor-intensive repairs.

“Accuride slides have been designed, engineered and tested to endure various stress levels, different climates and environmental conditions. We know our slides are the industry standards. When you buy an Accuride slide, you simply get an incredible product that will rarely ever get replaced,” said Greg Rewers, Director of Solutions Marketing.

Cost is always a factor for businesses. Many industries count on movement solutions that are precise, dependable and cost efficient. There isn’t an industry that wants to invest in a product they have to constantly replace or maintain. The bottom line is that saving money is always a priority. Accuride knows and understand this guiding principle. That’s why Accuride strenuously tests the quality and reliability of its slide. The slides undergo a battery of tests to ensure that when a customer purchase an Accuride slide, it will work consistently every time. No fret or worry about replacing it.

Let’s face it, in this fast-paced modern world, time is money. People can no longer afford to lose precious time because of faulty equipment. Accuride products can play an integral role in saving time and ultimately, money as well.

Interested in seeing which Accuride products will help you save time and money? Head to Accuride’s website to see which precision movement solution is best for you.

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