How the 116RC is Changing Hospital Sliding Solutions

How the 116RC is Changing Hospital Sliding Solutions

  • Accuride is releasing the new 116RC heavy-duty linear track system.
  • This innovative system is useful in building sliding door systems, particularly those found in hospitals.
  • The system’s lightweight track and cartridges allows for easy installation and quality you can depend on.
  • For more on this state-of-the-art premium linear track system, visit the 116RC product page where you’ll find product specifications and downloadable tech sheets.

Staying true to the tagline of Always Moving Forward, we’ve released an innovative product that exemplifies the strength and reliability Accuride has produced for over 50 years: The 116RC, a heavy-duty linear track system.

In one particular application, this heavy-duty sliding solution serves a great purpose. Working in conjunction with Axis Automatic Entrance Systems, our team in *Europe developed a sliding door system for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

To find inspiration for the design of the facility, the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom polled the patients and their families to learn what they wanted to see in the new hospital. As a result, they found the young patients wanted more light and space to move about in their rooms. Axis took that information and designed sliding semi-transparent doors that opened up more wall space and moved easy enough for the young patients to operate with minimal effort.

Knowing our problem-solving experience with sliding solutions, Axis approached Accuride with a technical brief asking for linear motion slides that would allow these doors to slide easily without a motor. With the majority of the population being children, it was pertinent to have the ADA-compliant 116RC as a part of the sliding door system. After working with Axis, the 116RC proved to be the ideal solution for the flo-motion® manual sliding door system that was installed in 220 patient rooms throughout the hospital.

Now you know what this linear track system has done, let’s take a look at the three things that make this sliding door system so innovative:

The Track

Made of aluminum, these lightweight, corrosion-resistant tracks support the carriages, that enable the slide to smoothly travel the length of the track. Available in 94.5″ and 142″ lengths, the track can be mounted flat or vertically and can be cut or butted together to a length that best fits your application.

The Cartridge

This sliding door track system uses 7-inch aluminum carriages, each with recirculating ball bearings made of polymer (for silent movement) or stainless steel (for greater load capacity). Best of all, these carriages require less than 5 lbs. of movement force in either direction.

Easy Installation

Our linear motion slides, designed for easy installation and modification, is either equipped with end stops or an optional dampener that slows the travel at the end of each track. As you can see in the video above, these components are attached once all the carriages are inserted into the track. An optional Door Mounting Kit, which includes additional accessories for adapting the 116RC to move doors and other sliding entryways is also available.

The versatile design of this system also allows for installation in applications such as movable walls in micro-living spaces, museum and gallery storage, and sliding countertops. The corrosion-resistant aluminum track allows for use in barns, hangars, and other outdoor applications.

For more on this state-of-the-art premium linear track system, visit the 116RC product page where you’ll find product specifications and downloadable tech sheets.

*For more on the Alder Hey sliding door application, check out the full case study on our European website.

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