Micro-Living with Accuride in Action

Micro-Living with Accuride in Action

  • The micro-living movement continues to grow, featuring affordable and efficient designs for different, adaptable lifestyles
  • Accuride solutions are used in a variety of micro-living builds, such as tiny homes, rental campers, renovated buses, and overland trucks
  • Popular choices in micro-space projects include our 3135EC Easy-Close Undermount Slides and 9300 series for functionality and reliability

The practice of micro-living—an ongoing movement to live tiny, affordably, and efficiently—is growing larger. In a previous blog post, we told you about the history of micro-living and how you, too, could start living smaller and smarter with innovative designs. Today, we want to spotlight the many ways Accuride solutions have made downsizing possible. Get inspired by these examples of micro-living with Accuride in action, at home and on the road.

Tiny Homes and Apartments

Downsizing your house is one way to minimize expenses, allowing you to expand your lifestyle elsewhere. At the forefront of the micro-living movement are tiny homes. No matter how big or small your living space is, Accuride has a solution for your build.

FutureHAUS is one bold and inventive tiny home featuring Accuride’s slides. Joseph Wheeler, a professor at Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies, led a team that designed this energy-efficient, modular concept home, which occupies merely 900 sq. ft. Most impressive is FutureHAUS’ adaptability and movable environment. Fixtures, lighting, and spaces automatically adjust to the size of the user. For every movable portion of the home, Accuride products are used. For example, our 116RC Linear Track System provides an affordable, lightweight solution for smooth, linear movement to the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen. You might also consider our 115RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System as an alternative for lighter loads.

Tiny homes don’t have to be houses. In small apartments, designers are constantly inventing new ways to maximize storage and organization. For instance, our 2907 Light-Duty Slides were used to make this slide-out eating counter—one useful way to expand your cooking and dining area.


The micro-living movement extends beyond stationary homes. On the road, micro-living with Accuride can be seen in trailers of all shapes and sizes. For example, Carapate Aventure designed a dreamy, functional homage to teardrop trailers with this mini-caravan that answers nature’s call to adventure. The trailer offers a stylish living space, equipped with a bed for two, wide windows for a sprawling view, and an indoor/outdoor kitchen for maximum efficiency. Carapate Aventure chose our 9301E Heavy-Duty Slides, which can support up to 600 lbs. and are perfect for boosting weighty pullout pantries.

There are countless Accuride solutions for trailer designs, as demonstrated by The Modern Caravan. This creative duo enlisted Accuride 3135EC Easy-Close Undermount Slides for kitchen drawers and under-bed storage in a renovated trailer called “Hope.” Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse, the married couple who founded The Modern Caravan, have remodeled nine custom vintage Airstream trailers together.

The owners’ passion for quality materials led them to Accuride. Our 3135EC slides, in particular, use Accuride’s patented Easy-Close technology, ensuring your cabinets won’t slam or rack while you live on the go.

With Accuride’s slides, you never have to sacrifice storage for a compact home on the road.


If you’re looking for a temporary micro-living solution, check out camper rentals, such as Voyager Campervans, which offer small-scale leisure breaks. Based in Minneapolis and founded by Grady Linder, Voyager Campervans provides eco-friendly rentals for travelers looking to explore nature comfortably.

To maximize space in these compact cargo vans, Voyager Campervans’ vehicles offer innovative storage solutions and hidden pullout furniture, including a sleeping bunk, a pullout kitchen, and rear storage. For these pullouts, 9308E Heavy-Duty Lock-In & Lock-Out Slides provide effortless movement with a crucial locking feature that keeps drawers and trays closed or opened.

For adventurers looking for their own camper, Paved to Pines can help you design the van (or bus) of your dreams. Founded by Mitchell Rosko and Steven Glass, Paved to Pines converts vans and buses into ultra-efficient, space-saving campers.

Customization and quality are central to Paved to Pines’ work. That’s why the business used Accuride 9308E Heavy-Duty Lock-in & Lock-out Slides to create custom builds, like this awesome garage slide-out to store equipment and belongings.

Overland Vehicles

Accuride solutions are used not only in homes and on the road, but also off the road in overland vehicles. In fact, our drawer slides are transforming outdoor living with their versatility and dependability in robust projects.

Into The Wild Overland, for example, designs sturdy trailers that can handle tough terrain. Founder Matt Reichel likens his trailers to Swiss army knives. The comparison is apt, given that these trailers are packed with amenities to fit all your needs. Those include a 100-watt solar panel, a bed for two, a hot-water shower, and a fully-equipped pullout kitchen. That’s where our 9300 Heavy-Duty Slide Series comes in. Matt chooses Accuride to handle heavy loads and ensure security in his overland trailers.

For epic trips, check out Corey Whitaker of Overland Dad. Father to twins and owner of a modified Land Cruiser 200, Corey shows us that Accuride solutions look great in any vehicle. His rear cargo system makes the most of our 9301E Heavy-Duty Full Extension Drawer Slides’ increased load capacity and shock-absorbing ball-bearing space bumpers. Wherever your adventure takes you, Accuride solutions will help you get there.

Whether you build the tiny home of your dreams or hit the road to see the world, Accuride has the perfect space-saving solution for your project. At Accuride, we’re always moving forward, because we know you are, too. Where will micro-living take you?

Have you designed a remarkable tiny living space? We want to see it! Show us your crafty homes and renovated vans, trucks, and buses. Tag us on Instagram or use the #Accuride for a chance to be featured among our inspiring builders and DIYers. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest on the possibilities with micro-living.

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