Accuride ST8200: A New Bar for Roller-Bearing Movement

Accuride ST8200: A New Bar for Roller-Bearing Movement

The Accuride ST8200 Series gives restaurants a new option premium movement in warming and refrigerated drawers. This family of roller-bearing slides delivers smooth, progressive movement at an affordable price.

With exhaustive cycle-testing behind it, customers can rest assured they have quality movement at work. The ST8200 Series uses a full-extension, roller-bearing design with practicality in mind.

Nothing shows that practicality more than the ST8200’s layout, which allows users to screw-mount the slide’s outer member directly onto a cabinet surface. This is a convenient alternative to welding, though users can opt to weld if they choose.


The ST8200 Series comes in two variants: ST8200 for side-mount and ST8201 for bottom-mount drawers.

Accuride offers two variants:

  • ST8200 for side-mount drawers
  • ST8201 for bottom-mount drawers

Both variants come in even lengths from 16 to 30 inches. Both models also feature:

  • Progressive movement
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Full-extension design
  • A max load rating of 275 lbs.
  • Gravity-activated self-close

Additionally, the ST8200 Series includes an auto lock-in feature to ensure a drawer is closed.

SNF Install Animation Step_2.175.jpg

Unlike most slides in its field, the Accuride ST8200 doesn't require a user to weld the slide into place. The slide's outer member supports screw-mounting for a quick and convenient installation.

These new Accuride solutions have been tested to 300,000 cycles to ensure lasting quality and performance.* Additionally, both come certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and include Accuride’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Customers can use the ST8200 Series refrigerated and warming drawers in:

  • Prep tables
  • Chef bases
  • Equipment stands
  • Undercounter units

Visit the ST8200 and ST8201 Product Pages to learn more about these new roller-bearing solutions!

*Testing to 300,000 cycles took place with 125-lb. load capacity. Expect higher loads to lower product’s maximum cycles.

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