Catch up on Accuride’s YouTube Channel: Installation Videos

Catch up on Accuride’s YouTube Channel: Installation Videos

Part 3: Installation Videos

Exciting things are happening at Accuride International and we can’t wait to share them with you! New partnerships are happening all the time and the best way to keep up is by subscribing to Accuride’s YouTube channel. We have many exciting videos so keep reading for some highlights of our channel.

Accuride 3160EC Enhanced Eclipse Drawer Slide Installation

The Accuride 3160EC is a high-performance, commercial-grade undermount slide that supports wide drawers 31”- 40” standard and 41”- 60” with an additional Wide Drawer Stabilizer Kit. The 3160EC’s innovative design minimizes racking and prevents side-to-side movement. Slides offer superior performance, flawless movement, and premium soft-close action. This drawer slide offers commercial-grade strength with a polished look. Thanks to our cable system and wide drawer stabilizers this undermount slide will eliminate sagging, racking and migration.

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How to Install an Undermount Drawer Slide

Undermount slides give your drawers that always-fashionable clean and minimalist look. But using undermount slides requires some different steps to installation than those found on traditional side-mounted drawer slides. That’s why we’ve brought you this video that shows you the key steps in installing an undermount sliding system. For this installation, we use the Accuride 3160EC Commercial-Grade Undermount Slide. The 3160EC is the only slide designed to support ultra-wide drawers – all the way up to 5 ft. in width. That comes thanks to a novel suspension system. This is a popular movement solution with custom designs in upscale boutiques, galleries, and homes.

For more information on the Accuride 3160EC, including specs and downloadable CADs and tech sheets, visit

Accuride 3832 Installation Video – Step by Step Install Demo

The 3832 is one of the most popular ball-bearing slides in the world. This oft-replicated model is the industry standard for light-duty, side-mounted drawer slides. In this video, we provide a step-by-step installation of the 3832 into a frameless cabinet. We’ll have an install video and guide for face-frame cabinets soon!

If you’d like a more detailed step-by-step guide, you can visit our Slideology 201 blog post:

Slide Terminology – Mounting and Installing Drawer Slides

In this Slideology video, we look at the different ways to install and mount a drawer slide. Hard Mounting refers to slides that are mounted directly to a cabinet without the use of brackets or rails. The outer member is attached to the cabinet while the inner member is attached to the drawer itself. Flat Mounted Slides are placed horizontally. The inner member of the slide is mounted on the bottom of the slide, while the external piece is attached to the top of the cabinet. There are very few slides that can be used this way.

Dual mounted slides can be mounted in either a side or flat configuration. Flat mounted slides also have somewhat limited capabilities since they reduce the load capacity. In fact, a flat mounted slide normally supports less than half the load a side mounted slide would. Vertically mounted slides – Slides like this are not load bearing, and only act as guides for movement. Rail Mounting slides helps a slide move as smooth as possible, even when the construction or material used in the cabinet is uneven. Bracket Mounting is common in face frame mounting style cabinets or platform mounting applications.

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