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    Accuride Pyrolytic Rails Featured in ‘Breakthrough’ Magazine

    The latest in innovative movement, the pyrolytic oven rail, is featured in Issue #7 of Breakthrough, one of the United Kingdom’s leading magazines on technology and manufacturing. Released earlier this year, these innovative rails use a patented

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    Accuride at the Automotive Seating Innovators Summit 2017

    TL;DR Accuride International is a provider of movement and access control solutions for a wide variety of industries, including the Automotive industry. This year, Accuride was a major presence at The 11th Annual Seating

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    [Updated] Things Not To Miss: AWFS® Fair 2017

    TL;DR The 2017 AWFS ® Fair is the largest woodworking show of the year and is coming up soon. The Accuride booth will feature creative applications of all of our recently enhanced drawer slides in various cabinet

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    Planning For AWFS 2017

    TL;DR The 2017 AWFS® Fair, the largest woodworking show in North America, is just around the corner and Accuride will be there to highlight exciting new products. Accuride’s display will also feature a cabinet

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    Meet Accuride’s Best Unofficial Employee: Meeka

    TL;DR Accuride’s southeastern district sales manager, Michael Reeg, made headlines this week after naming his dog Meeka the “Employee of the Quarter”. As an employee perk, Michael recently began working from home most days of the


    It’s Back and It’s Fantastic: World Backup Day

    March 31st is World Backup Day–a day set aside as a reminder to back up your files. Many manufacturers call on Accuride to develop custom server movement solutions. Accuride’s 2907 can be found on the Tera

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    A Few Ways Accuride Goes Green

    Accuride is taking new steps to reduce our environmental impact. The company is eliminating the use of many toxic substances in manufacturing plants. Plants are adopting new best practices to meet strict international environmental standards.


    High Quality Means Cost Savings in the Long Run

    Since Accuride began producing drawer slides more than 50 years ago, the quality standards of Accuride have stood the test of time resulting in worldwide industry recognition. Those who have worked with these impeccably manufactured