Accuride in Action: Moving Engineering Forward with Micado

Accuride in Action: Moving Engineering Forward with Micado

Travel has slowed around the world, leading many to wonder if this industry will be able to recover after the pandemic. Thankfully, innovators like Austrian-based smart engineering company Micado have been busy creating solutions for more efficient aircraft production. These solutions can help ensure travel will eventually resume and be as rewarding as ever.

Micado specializes in product development, automation technology, and the creation of mold tools and jigs. In their work, the company aims to rethink engineering by using simple processes to create complex solutions.

Recently, Micado worked with an Irish aircraft manufacturer to create the world’s first "all-in-one" holding fixture for the machining of wing-skins. By using active and passive adjustable vacuum actuators, combined with more conventional hard tools, this holding fixture increases efficiency to save time and money throughout production.

Micado’s new “all-in-one” holding fixture enables more efficient aircraft production.

In order to ensure the holding fixture was as efficient as possible, Micado decided to mount drawers into the workstation. These drawers would hold exchangeable parts, creating a compact storage solution that kept downtime to a minimum.

To help find the perfect drawer slides for this application, Micado turned to leading Austrian industrial distributor HA-CO, which recommended Accuride’s heavy-duty 9301E slides and CBHANDLE locking handle system.

With a 600 lb. load rating, the heavy-duty 9301E is an ideal movement solution for industrial applications such as this one. The slide offers 100% extension with lengths up to 60” for easy and efficient access to drawer contents. These slides are suitable for drawers up to 42” wide, delivering reliable storage for even the largest and most complex components.

Combined with the CBHANDLE system, which provides lock-in and lock-out functionality for heavy-duty drawers and trays, this movement solution enables spare parts to be changed quickly and easily.

Micado workstation.jpg
Accuride’s 9301E slides and CBHANDLE system help Micado reduce downtime when changing spare parts.

While the pandemic has greatly affected many industries, including travel, innovation has not ceased. Problem solvers like Micado are working hard to ensure these industries come back better, and more efficient, than ever. Of course, Accuride solutions are there to help them every step of the way.

If your innovative design requires movement, we can provide a solution that meets your design specifications. To learn more about the solutions we offer, browse our online store, find an Accuride distributor near you, or reach out to an OEM Direct representative.

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