5 Creative Flipper and Pocket Door Applications with Accuride Slides

5 Creative Flipper and Pocket Door Applications with Accuride Slides

In our last blog post on flipper and pocket doors, we covered the basics of how these innovative solutions help in space-saving designs. Now, we want to highlight some actual use cases from our inventive customers, who have employed flipper and pocket door slides in their unique space-saving solutions.

We hope their creativity will inspire you to imagine how you could use flipper and pocket doors to re-invent your own living space. Now, let’s get started!

1. Laundry Room

It's not often that you see a beautiful laundry room; however, this design by Crisp Architects is genuinely stunning. Pocket doors, used to conceal the washer and dryer, add a layer of elegance to the space. With these pocket doors, the machines can be easily hidden for a cleaner aesthetic while remaining accessible when needed.

Because this design requires taller doors, we recommend our CB1332 for doors with hinges or 1432 for doors without hinges. Both of these pocket door slides are designed for applications up to 78” tall and 26” wide, making them perfect for a space-saving solution like this one.

2. Kitchen Cabinets

For homeowners looking to achieve an ultra-modern aesthetic, these kitchen cabinets by Dansco Miami provide a perfect solution that is both stylish and functional. Appliances and other essentials stay hidden behind clean lines, made possible by our CB1321 Pro Pocket Slide.

One of the unique aspects of this slide is its auto-open feature, which gently springs doors forward the last 1.25" of travel, ensuring your flipper or pocket doors are extended fully before closing. Plus, the 1321’s design eliminates scuff- and scrape-causing impacts on your doors.

3. Mudroom

Walking through the front door, the last thing you want to be greeted by is clutter. Thankfully, this built-in mudroom cabinet by Creative Roots Design will help keep those muddy boots and winter coats out of sight.

The cabinet even includes flip-up shoe storage, supported by our 1234 slides. These slides can be vertically or horizontally mounted, allowing for both flipper and pocket door applications. Additionally, they include 35mm hinges for simplified mounting.

4. Appliance Garage

Between blenders, toasters, and coffee makers, it doesn’t take much for kitchen countertops to quickly become cluttered with appliances. An appliance garage like this one by Nighthawk Valley Interiors provides the perfect solution.

Using our 123 slides, they created an ingenious way to store kitchen appliances, leaving countertops clutter-free. With a novel design for self-alignment, these slides ensure smooth movement for all your flipper and pocket door applications.

5. Entertainment Center

This multi-functional bedroom unit shared by Devin Chisholm of Bad Wolf Woodworking includes clothing storage and space for an entertainment center. During the design process, Chisholm opted to use our CB1332 slides. He was particularly impressed by the ease of installation, writing, “This wire tied system by Accuride is extremely smooth and easy to set up!”

With these slides for pocket doors, the entertainment center stays concealed until needed. When it's time to watch, the cabinet doors retract into the unit for an optimal viewing experience.

These creative applications are just some of the endless possibilities offered by flipper and pocket door slides. To browse our full selection of these versatile slides, be sure to visit our online store.

Are you working on your own flipper or pocket door project? We’d love to see your progress and final project! Tag us on Instagram or use the #Accuride for a chance to be featured. For a daily dose of DIY inspiration, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

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