Your Friend Accuride: In Your Home – Cabinets, Appliances, Entertainment Centers

Your Friend Accuride: In Your Home – Cabinets, Appliances, Entertainment Centers

  • From entertainment centers to kitchen cabinets, Accuride delivers reliable, corrosion resistant drawer slides throughout the home.
  • Accuride products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees against defects in material and workmanship.
  • A variety of new features like easy-close and touch-release drawers take appliances, cabinetry projects, and entertainment centers to the next level.
  • Accuride has been producing the most reliable movement solutions in the world for over 50 years. Click here for more on our residential applications.

Summer is in full swing, which means you’ll probably attend or host a gathering of some sort. Your friend Accuride will be there to deliver reliable, corrosion resistant drawer slides. From entertainment centers to kitchen cabinets, Accuride solutions can be found throughout the home.

Having engineered reliable movement solutions for just about every household application you can think of, Accuride drawer slides have become the go-to solution for contractors and architects everywhere.

Picking the right sliding hardware doesn’t seem as satisfying as choosing finishes and decorative pulls, but it is the difference between years of frustration and peace of mind. That’s why buying Accuride drawer slides is an investment, not just a purchase. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees against defects in material and workmanship, we stand by our products.


Over the years, Accuride has become a mainstay with appliance manufacturers because of our ability to craft solutions that fit the current needs of the industry. We offer complete oven rack slide assemblies and warming drawers, that include racks, slides, brackets, and molded cavities. With these slides being used in high temperatures around food, the lubrication from the slide could transfer to the food. To keep our customers safe, we lubricate these slides with an NSF-approved food-safe grease that maintains the resilience of the slide and makes it safe for consumers.

In addition to oven applications, we have engineered solutions for refrigerators that help maximize space in refrigerators. These refrigerator drawer slides are tested under the same conditions they will be used in to ensure they will stand up to the frigid conditions of refrigerators and freezers over time.

One highlight of our refrigerator selection is the Aero III, a fully customizable undermount slide. This compact OEM drawer slide was designed specifically for the refrigeration segment of the appliance market.



Accuride drawer slides can also be found in kitchen furniture including drawers, pull-out pantries, and cabinets. Our slides are designed with the resiliency to last as long as the fixture.

Our sliding hardware adds to the aesthetics of any home by installing seamlessly into any cabinet. Glideware designed an innovative system that allows users to easily store and access cookware. Using Accuride’s 3832E, this system keeps you from bending over or kneeling to find the pan you need.

Our recently enhanced heavy-duty 9300 family of slides provide a reliable means to pull-out shelves and pantries that bear a heavier load. The 9301E has a load rating of 600 lbs. and supports drawers up to 60″ wide. Trash cans are often an eyesore in the kitchen. The 9301E heavy-duty drawer slides provide a reliable solution to storing your trashcan out of sight, to create an aesthetically-pleasing environment.

Entertainment centers

Outside of the kitchen, Accuride slides can be found in various places throughout your home entertainment center. From door sliding mechanisms to television lift kits, we have solutions to create functional entertainment centers.

There are a lot of ways to hide a flat screen TV. In one particular application, a customer built a storage cabinet with shelves to hold media equipment. The case includes a clever rear compartment where they installed our Quick Lift (CBLift-050) remote control motorized lift designed to carry large flat screens. Streamlined for quick installation, the Quick Lift is pre-wired and pre-mounted to a 3/4″-thick backing board that is easily secured to the rear of the cabinet.


Model 123 is one of our flipper door slides designed to accommodate taller entertainment center doors. These specialty door slides keep doors tucked away in your entertainment center, providing a non-obstructed view of your television.

When cabinetmakers use Accuride, they’re adding personality to the home. With available Easy-Close and touch release features, our drawer slides will enhance the aesthetic experience of your home. Take our Easy-close drawers for example. This feature equips drawers with a dampener that catches drawers and brings them to a gentle, quiet, and soft close. Drawers equipped with the Easy-Close feature add a touch of luxury to any cabinet it is installed in

Our touch-release feature not only adds to the aesthetics of the cabinet; it also serves as a safety asset. In the home, there is a lot of stuff that young children should not have access to such as tools, cleaning supplies, and other small objects that could cause harm. With touch release slides, kids won’t accidentally pull a drawer open, keeping them safe from harmful substances kept in the house.

Next time you find yourself furniture shopping, remember your friend Accuride. We’ve been producing the most reliable movement solutions in the world for over 50 years and will continue to do so in years to come.

Click here for more on our residential applications.

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