Mission Critical

There are thousands of emergency departments across America, each dealing with mission critical situations every hour. With no room for error, these emergency services count on Accuride for their movement solutions. See some examples of the work we do in those critical industries by visiting our dedicated Mission Critical Page.


Accuride movement solutions have helped countless people, businesses, and other organizations bring their designs to their fullest. We've helped futurists, fire departments, and casual woodworkers all across America. See some of our recent case studies below to learn more.


Polish & Power Tools

Claire Baldwin is a popular Instagram DIYer who features her work under the name Polish & Power Tools. When she needed a premium movement for her premium designs, she turned to the Accuride 3832ETR Touch-Release.


Vlad Design Craft

For years, Brooklyn’s Vlad Fine Craft has created super woodwork for residential and commercial spaces in the Big Apple. But creating great interiors isn’t just about good looks—it’s about functional design. And movement plays a big part of that function. That’s why Vlad Fine Craft has relied on Accuride slides to deliver smooth, reliable movement on his projects.

Santa Fe Springs Fire Department

You can find Accuride movement solutions in many places — possibly even in your city’s emergency service vehicles. Many local services count on Accuride products to deliver robust and dependable access to their vehicles. One of those is the Santa Fe Springs Fire Department.


Bisco Industries

For over fifty years, Accuride has sold its products through credible and dependable partners like bisco Industries. bisco is a leading supplier of hardware for aviation, electronics, and other key industries.



The home of the future is an unending topic of speculation. But can it be more? Can it be a reality? Yes, it can—look no further than Virginia Tech’s bold and visionary FutureHAUS.


Woodworkers of Whittier

Accuride slides bring dependable movement to millions of creations by woodworkers each day. Louis Lopez is one of those woodworkers. He is also vice-president ofthe Woodworkers of Whittier, a club of enthusiasts dedicated to woodcraft and charity. See how Accuride products bring help bring his woodwork to its fullest.