Why Accuride?

Read up on the special features, technologies, and certifications that make Accuride unique and allow us to guarantee quality assurance for a wide range of applications.


In addition to one of the largest selections of off-the-shelf and custom movement solutions, Accuride offers an assortment of special features and advanced technologies designed to enhance applications.

Mechanical Features

What sets Accuride apart from the rest? The special features.

Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve on our current slides and invent new products to meet your challenges. We've put the following videos together to highlight a few of the special features we're proud of


Brings drawers to a closed position, holding them closed with a strong detent.

This prevents bounce back and re-opening of drawers.

The mechanism is contained within the slide profile.

The self-closing feature benefits applications requiring a good seal, such as appliances or perishable supply storage; or situations where open drawers negatively affect sanitation, security, safety, or aesthetics.


Brings drawers to a smooth, gentle close.

This feature helps prevent drawer slam and bounce back.

The mechanism is integrated and encapsulated.

Quiet operation provides a level of luxury and aesthetics highly desired in high-end commercial and consumer applications.


High-end assisted movement ensures full extension and complete closure without the need for motorization.

Available with Self-Closing or Easy-Close operation which provide controlled motion at the end of drawer travel.

Fully-concealed hardware.

Possible applications include machinery, manufacturing environments, Universal Design products, appliances, or other instances where assistance with operation provides benefit.

Touch Release

Drawers are held in a closed position until the drawer front is pressed. This releases the slide, propelling the drawer open about 2 inches.

This feature eliminates the need for knobs or pulls, reducing hardware costs. It facilitates hands-free operation in toe-kick applications.

Provides a clean and aesthetic appearance; beneficial for applications with ADA concerns, or where sanitary considerations are part of the use environment.

Advanced Technology: Electronic Locking Mechanisms

Electronic locking mechanisms are a simple all-in-one solution that eliminates multiple components from projects, saving time, money, and space. All the components needed are integrated into Accuride slides, providing a versatile and sophisticated locking system that is virtually "plug and play"

Operation Modes


When unlocked, the latch releases, and the drawer is automatically propelled open about 2 inches. The mechanism resets and locks automatically upon drawer closure.

Lock Only

Drawers are opened manually after the slide is unlocked. The drawer has unlimited access until the lock is activated once again.

Sensor Feedback

Provides an output signal that can be used to indicate drawer status: whether it is locked or unlocked; or, open or fully closed and ready to be locked. This output also provides a means to track access.

Activation Modes

  • RF Programmed Access
  • Smart Key, ID Cards, or Badges
  • Biometric
  • Keypad

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Moisture-Resistant Options

Accuride offers two levels of finishes beyond standard to provide superior resistance to moisture and corrosion.


Standard finish protects up to 96 hours of salt spray protection.

Enhanced finish protects up to 200 hours of salt spray protection.

Plus finish protects up to 500 hours of salt spray protection.

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Certifications & Associations

Accuride prides itself on having products and processes that meet, and often exceed, standards from leading industry organizations. We achieve these in the belief that you, the customer, deserve the best in proven movement solutions.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Accuride is proud to have been the first U.S.-based slide manufacturer awarded the ISO 9000 certification, and we continue to meet those standards today.

All manufacturing facilities are registered to ISO 9001.

Accuride Germany is certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

Accuride Mexicali adheres to the ISO 14001 standards and policies.

ISO Certificate Downloads

ISO 9001 certificate (Mexico)

ISO 14001 certificate (Germany)

ISO 9001 certificate (Germany)

Cabinet Hardware Standards - AWS (Architectural Woodwork Standards)

AWS - Architectural Woodwork Standards

Accuride meets AWS requirements for materials, workmanship, and fabrication and installation of architectural woodwork.

Cabinet Hardware Standards - AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute)

The Architectural Woodwork Institute, a not-for-profit trade association of architectural woodwork manufacturers, industry suppliers, and design professionals, was established in 1953 as an expansion of the Millwork Cost Bureau and is dedicated to the goals of:

Improving architectural woodwork standards

Providing technical education for members and design community

Researching innovation materials and methods of engineering, fabrication, finishing, and installation.

Cabinet Hardware Standards - BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association)

This organization is recognized for its role in establishing quality and performance standards for builders’ hardware. All BHMA-certified products undergo vigorous tests through outside agencies.

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BHMA and AWI certified products (cabinet hardware) include:

Cabinet Hardware Standards - WI - The Woodwork Institute

A California non-profit corporation, WI promotes the greater use of architectural millwork products throughout the state. Approximately 80% of all commercial and institutional construction projects in California require compliance to the WI’s Manual of Millwork.

In addition to the standards listed, Accuride is committed to taking care of the environment and to have as little negative effect as possible. All products are RoHS compliant.


Accuride belongs to a number of industry associations to stay abreast of issues, trends, and legislation within the marketplace.

Vendor Supplier Labor Policy

At Accuride, we don’t just value the products and services of our industry partners, but how those products are developed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global manufacturer that purchases a sizeable amount of materials and services, Accuride International is committed to ensuring our extended supply chain sources act in a socially responsible manner. Accuride corporate headquarters is located in California; therefore, the company also adheres to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, which requires manufacturers doing business in California with worldwide sales grossing more than $100 million dollars to disclose the company's efforts towards eradicating Slavery and Human Trafficking throughout their supply chain. Accuride also conducts ongoing audits with suppliers to ensure there is no use of forced, bonded, indentured labor, or involuntary prison labor.

Care for our Environment

The Journey of Green

The environment has long been a priority for Accuride and over the years, we've continued to implement practices to ensure that when we take care of business, we also take care of the environment. There are a number of things Accuride does to be environmentally conscious. Some actions are small, while others are major changes in manufacturing processes, such as the revisions made to our plating process.

RoHS Compliance

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance means products (and waste) contain minimal levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, and PBDE. Back in July 2005, Accuride began changing the plating process from Hexavalent to Trivalent to adhere to the standards set forth in the RoHS Directive.

Today, all Accuride slides and components such as bumpers and plastic housings are RoHS compliant. This has reduced exposure to hazardous substances throughout the entire product chain, from the manufacturing staff to the consumer.

Energy Reduction

Through process improvements, Accuride reduced the number of plating machines in our Mexicali, Mexico plant by one-third, while maintaining the same level of production. This saved a significant amount of electricity, natural gas, and water.

Compressed air plays a part in slide manufacturing and the Accuride engineering team developed an innovative method to maintain system pressurization that reduced the load (and energy required to support that load) by 10 to 20%.

Water Usage

Accuride actively seeks methods to reduce water consumption during the manufacturing process. In fact, ongoing efforts in the Mexicali plant have resulted in a 33% reduction of the water volume used in the electroplating process.

Flow restrictor systems carefully control the amount of water used by the plating machines.

Waste Treatment

All process water is treated to neutralize or minimize harmful components.

Accuride uses high-tech polymers to trap or encapsulate the harmful components left by manufacturing.

Used rags are cleaned to remove oil and other residues and rags are reused multiple times. When discarded, they are cleaned one last time and disposed of according to environmental requirements.

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy Program

This is a comprehensive set of standards for environmental management practices. Certification requires evaluation by a third-party auditor. Diez, Germany plant is certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

The Mexicali, Mexico plant has an established program that adheres to the ISO 14001 standards and policies. An internal team performs audits on a regular basis.

Accuride strives to have as little negative effect on the environment as possible. Our environmental policy includes a commitment to adhering to local environmental laws (even exceeding the standards, whenever practical), using raw materials efficiently, and reducing waste.