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April 27, 2020

We recognize this is a time of uncertainty due to the progression of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. We assure you that we have the ability to continue to supply your demand in a safe and healthy manner. We take seriously the health of our customers, vendors, partners and employees and we are working to responsibly conduct our business.

While the recent California-wide decision known as Safe at Home will require employees in California to work from home, Accuride’s key operations worldwide are supplying customers and working with suppliers on a normal business schedule. Our customer service department is available to assist any customer needs.

We strive to limit any disruption to your operations. We are monitoring and conducting business under guidelines and orders set by the WHO, CDC, and local and state governments.

We are using Social Isolation techniques including:

1. Travel, workplace and in-person meeting restrictions

2. Requiring employees who have any symptoms to work from home

3. Allowing employees without child care options to work at home in cases of school closures

4. Increased cleaning and sterilization procedures

5. Practicing the CDC recommendations for personal hygiene

Accuride’s manufacturing and supply chain is maintaining uninterrupted supply and technical support and, again, customer service is available to assist you with your needs.


Sid Kalantar

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing North America

Accuride Customer Service: 562-393-7662