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Accuride ball bearing slide products provide access, movement, and positioning in many medical applications, which require hardware components that provide a long life of reliable operation. Solutions tailored to this industry include slides made with stainless steel, aluminum, or corrosion resistant finishes. To help facilities meet HIPAA requirements, Accuride also offers products that secure and control access to items such as health records, supplies, or narcotics.

A few examples where you'll find Accuride slides:

  • Secured pharmaceutical supply storage and carts
  • Diagnostic and supply carts
  • Medical equipment such as x-ray machines and optical equipment
  • Architectural casework, office furniture, examination tables
  • Waste and laundry bins
  • Pass-through drawers for surgical units

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Slides for Medical Applications

A helpful overview of the products best suited to medical applications.

More Solutions

Application Solutions

Self Close Drawers

Self-Close Solutions for Carts on the Go

Accuride has supplied many types of slides for medical carts; particularly self-closing slides to ensure that the drawer closes completely and stays closed. 

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