Aerospace / Watercraft

In private and commercial planes, military jets, aircraft carriers, or luxury yachts, Accuride slide solutions provide precision and reliability in applications that range from basic to mission-critical.

Keeping storage compartments securely closed is a requirement that often means specifying products with self-closing or touch release features.

In these types of applications, we've worked with manufacturers to test products to withstand environmental conditions such as rolling motion and vibration. We also offer a variety of finishes that resist moisture and exposure to punishing salt spray.

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Keeping Drawers Closed on the High Seas

Here's an interesting application for our 3832HDSC; it seems you’ll find this heavy-duty self-closer on the USS George H. W. Bush, the nation’s newest and most advanced nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Used throughout the ship, these slides were required to undergo stringent rolling motion and vibration tests. Of course, they passed with flying colors.