Emergency Vehicles

Critical equipment and supplies for emergency services must be secured during deployment -- and quickly accessed once on scene. This applies to drawers, equipment trays, pullout work surfaces, and vertical storage panels.

Special Features to Enhance Applications:

Lock-In - Ensures pullouts remain closed during deployment.

Lock-Out - Holds drawers, trays, or shelves in a stable extended position for safe access.

Tilt Track System - Aids efficiency in emergencies by providing easy access to higher drawers and trays.

Stainless Steel & Special Finishes - Corrosion resistance for all weather conditions.

CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit - Centrally located push-button lock to streamline equipment access.

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Check out the Accuride 9308 EZ-Release Kit, a bolt-on accessory that lets you open locking drawers on your vehicle single-handedly! Easy-to-install, moisture-resistant, and ultra-durable, the 9308 EZ-Release Kit is perfect for wheeled toolboxes, utility trucks, and emergency vehicles!

Tilt-Down Drawer System for Higher Storage Trays

A designer and manufacturer of fire rescue vehicles came to Accuride for heavy-duty slides for storage trays above shoulder height. Our solution: the AL4190 Slide and Tilt system designed for easy viewing and access to stored items. Carrying up to 140 lbs., the assembly bumper wheels dampen and smooth out the movement, even when fully loaded, and the clever adjustment cams are easily accessed from the front—a real practical benefit. The angle of the tilt is also easily adjusted.

Model AL4190 is also compatible with the CBHand Locking Handle Kit, a double handle with a central button release that locks trays in a closed position.

Locking Handle Kit Designed for Emergency Vehicles

After inquiries from the fire services industry in the UK we decided to enhance our slide offering with a push-button locking handle kit. The handle was designed for rugged drawer systems with Accuride’s AL4190 Tilt Slide System, but works with any slides with a cross section of .75" or greater.

The CBHand Locking Handle kit is a double handle with a centrally located push-button lock mechanism and two locking options: Front mounted with lock-in only and rear mounted with lock-in and lock-out. It is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and easy to install. Accuride also supplies heavy duty full extension and over-travel aluminum slides for the emergency vehicle industry. The slide with tilt for high bay storage is an ideal partner slide for the locking handle kit.

Corrosion Resistant

Accuride offers a host of sliding systems designed to withstand harsh environments. Included are stainless-steel telescopic slides, weather-coated drawer solutions, aluminum track systems, and more. Providing you with industrial-strength and rigorously tested movement to adapt to your challenge.

OEM Solutions

Are you an Original Equipment Manufacturer in need of a large or custom movement solution? Explore our OEM Direct Page. There you'll learn how we harness our efforts to deliver robust and dependable movement for vehicles, appliances, and more.