Vending / Cash Handling

Accuride’s linear motion and telescopic slide products provide access for maintenance and repair for vending equipment, coin bins, food trays, chassis with mounted machinery assemblies, and more. For vertical applications, consider our linear motion products or to secure money or sensitive machinery, investigate our electronic locking products.

You can choose from off-the-shelf products or work with us to develop custom slide solutions for:

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Lock-In / Lock-Out Solution For Kiosks

D & K Engineering , out of San Diego, California, has used Accuride products in a few of their kiosk designs. For one project, they used Model 9308 , which provides a lock-in and lock-out feature that enables technicians to safely service machinery chassis that pull out from the units. Other designs called for 3832SC to ensure chassis fully close and stay closed; an important feature when buttoning up a kiosk after repairs or restocking inventory. In both cases, the firm chose Accuride slides due to product rigidity, appropriate size, safety concerns, and lead times that worked well for their production schedule.

Linear Motion Tracks Keep the Money Moving

Have you ever wondered how the pushers work on coin drop machines? Crompton’s Genuine Spares is the only official supplier of original spare parts for amusement machines manufactured by Crompton’s over the last 20 years. Using only genuine replacement spare parts, they rely on original suppliers, like Accuride, for a continuous supply of components.

Based on the zinc coated 115 , the slides are flat mounted with the moving parts affixed to the top. This provides smooth, fluid movement to the pusher component. These slides will go though as many as 1 million cycles during their lifetime before needing to be replaced.

Crompton's product range covers all pushers, paddle pushers and belt games. The company's team has more than 100 years' experience in the amusement industry.

Orange You Glad We Have Stainless Steel Slides?

This vending machine manufacturer needed corrosion resistant components for access to the waste box of an unusual vending machine that actually juices oranges for fresh drinks. The waste material from the juicing and cleaning process is discharged into a trash container lined with a plastic trash bag. The waste collection unit holds up to 100 liters of peels, pulp, and wastewater.

Accuride proposed mounting the waste box on our 0330 full extension corrosion-resistant slides. These slides offer a load rating up to 143-lbs. per pair and have been tested at more than 80,000 cycles to ensure reliable performance over the life of the machine.

Space Saver Point-Of-Sale Units

Dean Heckler, of Heckler Design, started out designing technology-oriented furniture beginning with space-saving desks. He then went on to develop these clever point-of-sale units as part of his WindFall product line.

Designed to hold an iPad over a cash drawer, these units are just the ticket for pop-up retail stations at outdoor fairs, kiosks, or even brick and mortar retail locations. The cash drawers are mounted on 3832s , chosen for the 6" and 8" lengths available that fit Heckler's compact designs.

Heckler, like Accuride, has built a reputation for quality. His WindFall products are found in thousands of retailers across the country. His full line of products are available online at .

OEM Solutions

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