Woodworking & Cabinetry


Whether you call them slides, glides, guides, or runners, you'll find Accuride products in all sorts of fine furniture, custom cabinetry and casework. Our ball bearing slides and sliding products provide movement and positioning for drawers, shelves, trays, doors, panels, computer screens, and more. Here is a sampling of the places you'll find Accuride slides:

Business and Home Offices
Entertainment Centers, Conference rooms, and Training Facilities
Kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms
Schools and universities
Medical facilities and laboratories
Retail displays
Bars and restaurants
Hospitality and lodging facilities
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Tried & True Performance

Accuride's test laboratory is among the largest in the industry. Our products are tested to meet or exceed standards established by ANSI and other testing agencies. Several of our slides are BHMA certified or AWI approved.

Special Features

Accuride offers special features that enrich slide functionality, particularly when well matched to the application. We've listed some popular features below. Click here to learn about the rest of our special features.

An integrated soft-close mechanism that helps bring drawers to a gentle close.

Touch Release

With touch-release slides, the drawer is held in a closed position until the drawer front is pressed. This releases the slide latch and propels the drawer open slightly.


This feature ensures drawers return to the closed position and stay closed after use.


A Variety of Movement Solutions

Although best known for ball bearing drawer slides and Flipper Door Slides®, be sure to explore our Product Catalog to find out more about Accuride's specialty solutions, linear motion slides, and screen lifts.
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Synchronized Motion from Glideware

Glideware has designed an innovative system to easily store and access cookware. Mounted on Accuride 3832s, there's no more bending down and reaching in to un-stack pans in cabinets with this easy-to-install system that eliminates clutter and increases storage capacity.

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Storage for Road Warriors

For those who spend time on the road, your vehicle may provide double duty as an office and storage location. Over the years, we've seen many applications such as this one, which was created by one of our sales representatives.

Using heavy-duty 9301 slides in a 60" length, he turned his pickup truck into a mobile showroom, constructing elaborate boxes with large pull out drawers to showcase Accuride products and carry samples and literature.

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Hide Away Your TV with a Motorized Lift

There are many ways to hide a large flat screen TV when it is not being used. In this case, our customer built a storage cabinet with shelves to hold media equipment. The case includes a clever rear compartment where they installed our Quick Lift (CBLift-050) remote control motorized lift designed to carry large flat screens. The front shelving conceals the hardware and TV, while providing plenty of space for storage.

Streamlined for quick installation, the Quick Lift is pre-wired and pre-mounted to a 3/4"-thick backing board that is easily secured to the rear of the cabinet. Installation requires only a few standard tools.

Other uses: a cabinet at end of the bed, executive conference room furniture, or training facilities.