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Senseon Secure Access System at GlobalShop 2016

March 23-25, 2016 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas   Get more info and your tickets at   Come Visit us at Booth #1310 at GlobalShop 2016! Experience the new Senseon Secure Access System by Accuride International. Senseon safely secures your inventory using invisible electronic locks and RFID technology. Have total control over ac…
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Model 3634EC is a heavy-duty slide designed for wide drawers and includes an Easy-Close feature to bring drawers to a smooth, gentle close. Santa Fe Springs, CA - Accuride expands the company's heavy-duty product line with the addition of model 3634 and its Easy-Close counterpart (3634EC), soft-closing slides designed for drawers up to 42" wide an…
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Invisible Senseon Secure Access™ system reduces theft risk while maximizing productivity, revenue, and customer experience. Senseon Secure Access™ system reduces theft risk while maximizing productivity, revenue, and customer experience. Santa Fe Springs, CA—Accuride International is excited to unveil Senseon Secure Access™, a new brand of commerc…
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Along with a new look, Accuride focuses on inspiring creative uses for its slide products and streamlining the design process for applications in all industries. Santa Fe Springs, CA—Accuride International is excited to announce the launch of its new website, which is viewable live at This represents a major leap forward for Accu…
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Accuride Introduces a Tilt Track System for Drop Down Access

Model AL4190 is a unique movement solution that tilts drawers downward when opened. This provides easy access to items stored at shoulder level and above. Accuride introduces Model AL4190, a Tilt Track System that provides access to drawers or trays installed at shoulder level and above. The system uses wheels and rollers to extend the drawer and…
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New Easy-Close Mechanism for Accuride's 115RC Linear Track System

A new dampening mechanism for the 115RC Linear Track System slows and controls the motion of components at the end of travel. Introducing a new option for the versatile 115RC Linear Motion Track System—the 115RC Easy-Close is an easy to install add-on device to help slow and control component movement at the end of travel. This option is designed…
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Accuride Presents Another Heavy-Duty Slide Option

Accuride announces the introduction of Model 3600, another new heavy-duty slide option for the woodworking industry. This product offers full extension, includes a hold-in detent, and carries loads up to 200 pounds. It is a non-disconnecting slide, which is useful in applications where heavy drawers are not intended to be removed from cabinets as…
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Accuride Presents Versatile Linear Track Systems

Accuride introduces the 115RC, a versatile linear motion track system designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Comprised of aluminum tracks and re-circulating ball carriages, it is a cost-effective solution for projects that require a defined length of travel. The multi-component aspect of the 115RC System allows for several mountin…
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New Over Travel Slide with Latch Disconnect

Accuride presents Model 3357, a new slide created in response to customer feedback that offers 1-inch over travel and a latch disconnect. Model 3357 carries medium-duty loads up to 150 pounds and provides full access to storage drawers and trays in industrial workstations and machinery, medical equipment, electronic enclosures, and more. This prod…
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New Heavy-Duty Option with Lever Disconnect

Accuride announces the introduction of Model 3657, a new full extension slide with a lever disconnect that provides a durable solution for heavy pullouts such as bulk storage bins, trays, and deep drawers, or chassis used in machinery or vending applications. This product offers up to a 273-pound load rating. Model 3657 is a handed slide available…
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Accuride’s 3832 Easy-Close Slide

The product was redesigned to provide greater tolerances to accommodate construction and material variances, and ease installation. Accuride announces the release of the enhanced 3832 Easy-Close (EC) slide, which has been re-engineered to include new features, while offering smoother movement and superior soft-close action. Many components were re…
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Accuride's Electronic Locking Hardware Components Provide A Simple Method To Secure And Control Openings

Accuride International introduces Model 38EL—sliding hardware with an integrated electronic lock, and Model 10EL, a stand-alone electronic lock. These products are designed to secure drawers, doors, and other openings. Accuride announces two new security hardware products featuring electronic locking technology: a ball bearing slide with an integr…