Accuride International Drawer Slides Help Voyager Campervans Crack Customer Code

Accuride International Drawer Slides Help Voyager Campervans Crack Customer Code

Success Rests on Sliding Hardware That Carries a Heavy Load

SANTA FE SPRINGS, California, March 20, 2019 Voyager Campervans , a rapidly growing startup, has cracked the customer code for the campervan craze, with help from movement solutions leader Accuride® International .

The young, Minneapolis-based company has created a rugged but space- and fuel-efficient vehicle that enables customers to enjoy outdoor getaways with all the comforts of home while avoiding the expense, environmental impact and driving challenges of owning a larger, heavier recreational vehicle.

Voyager Campervans’ solution: Convert a cargo van into a rental vehicle that’s compact (with a 130-square-foot, or 1,208-liter, interior) and lightweight, giving it superior fuel economy (average: U.S. 24 mpg) and easy drivability. Key to achieving this design are large, heavy-duty, pull-out cabinets containing a kitchen and all necessary camper-vehicle equipment and storage. Supporting the cabinets and helping them move smoothly are heavy-duty, durable Accuride slides that bear up to 600 lbs. (272 kg).

“Our budget-conscious customers want all the amenities of home while having an affordable, sustainable, easy-to-handle vehicle,” says Voyager Campervans co-founder Grady Linder. “We selected Accuride’s 9308 Heavy-Duty Handed Slides with Lock-in and Lock-Out because they can sustain a lot of weight, as well as wear and tear. These slides also help us fully utilize a tight space, and they enable drawers to move smoothly but also stay in place.”

Linder adds, “The durability and reliability of Accuride slides are a major contributor to our customers having a great experience.”

Sid Kalantar, Accuride Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says, “Voyager Campervans’ innovative use of our heavy-duty 9308E slides demonstrates the versatility of our solutions, in this case, enabling manufacturers to meet growing needs for compact, sustainable vehicles that can carry extraordinarily heavy loads.”

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Founded in 1962 as a small tool and die shop, Accuride International is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of sliding hardware. The company offers the broadest selection of movement solutions across markets and applications, as well as unmatched innovation, quality, and dependability. Accuride produces light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty drawer and door slides for commercial and residential uses, and it is the leading producer of specialty slides.

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