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Accuride International Reaches the RV World

Accuride International Reaches the RV World

Wherever you look, you’re bound to find Accuride. RV Pro, a magazine dedicated to providing insights on the best practices to help its readers and ideas to inspire RV industry professionals, observes, “After 60 years in business, Santa Fe Springs, Calif.-based Accuride has found any number of applications for its drawer-slide products.” These applications range from automotive and aerospace to emergency service vehicles and anywhere there is a need for cabinetry and drawers.

Now, between the recent influx of manufacturers of small trailers towable by cars and popular media attention toward tiny living, Accuride’s ever-expanding presence is making a noteworthy impression on the RVing world. The company’s influence reaches its audiences across several platforms, most notably including their active Instagram page, which regularly features customers’ work and stories, as well as partnerships, such as the one with The Modern Caravan, renovators of vintage Airstream trailers.

It was through Instagram that The Modern Caravan first connected with Accuride. Danielle Ernest, Accuride’s External Communications Manager, provides significant insight into the company’s successful collaboration: “They found us on Instagram. They were looking for a high-quality slide that was low-profile but also had what they needed.”

The Modern Caravan ended up choosing Accuride’s 3135EC Eclipse Undermount Slide. Ernest explains, “One of the reasons Modern Caravan chose our Undermount 3135 was because of the lightweight functionality and that it’s an undermount, so it doesn’t compromise the design of the Airstream.”

The perfect pairing between The Modern Caravan and the 3135EC was possible because of Accuride’s flexibility with meeting their customers’ specific needs. Claudia Tuttle, Accuride’s Marketing Manager, explains that Accuride is committed to interacting with customers depending on their needs: “If you’re a high-volume customer and you need us to come up with a solution you need, we’re going to work with you in an OEM capacity,” Tuttle said. “We will look at the situation and present possible solutions. They will test it in their own environment and then we will get to the final product.”

One manufacturer using Accuride’s 9308 Heavy-Duty Lock-In & Lock-Out Slides on its rugged trailers will be exhibiting at the upcoming Elkhart Open House Week, Into the Wild Overland. Ernest observes, “We’ve seen a huge increase in sales from one of our heavy-duty slides that locks in and locks out. This has been particularly popular on outdoor kitchens and grills. It’s interesting to see how as the RV market evolves and things get smaller that people are still adapting and using our solutions. It’s been a huge trend for us. We’re getting people in tiny homes or these really tiny Overland vehicles to even modifying trucks.”

Accuride promises their customers “a lot of support, and if they choose us, we want them to know we are there to walk them through the process.”

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