Pros at Partnering: Accuride International Teams Up with The Modern Caravan

Pros at Partnering: Accuride International Teams Up with The Modern Caravan

RV Pro, a monthly trade magazine dedicated to serving RV professionals, highlighted Accuride International’s collaboration with The Modern Caravan on the latter’s latest project: a vintage Airstream aptly called “Hope.”

Behind The Modern Caravan are Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse. Oliver leads the artistic design, drawing up detailed plans and measurements, while her partner, Prasse, builds out those designs. They are matched in their enthusiasm for both the creative process and construction of each project.

For their latest project, The Modern Caravan teamed up with Accuride to create their sleekest revamp yet. Oliver and Prasse selected Accuride’s 3135EC Eclipse Undermount Slide, noting its commercial-grade functionality and the streamlined appearance it offers cabinetry by concealing slide hardware underneath the drawer. The 3135EC features Accuride’s patented Easy-Close technology, ensuring no slamming or racking for the drawers and cabinets.

Oliver and Prasse were drawn to features such as these when choosing the 3135EC: “Putting Accuride slides in this Airstream is a no-brainer because it mimics the same quality that we build everywhere else inside the trailer,” Prasse said. “We really want a design to be functional, and the Accuride slides will remain functional for a long period of time – even with the jostling they have to withstand when a trailer is bouncing down a gravel road.”

Oliver shared similar sentiments, praising the mechanics as well as the aesthetics of the 3135EC: “I was really excited that the slide is installed underneath so you don’t have to look at the hardware every single time you open a drawer. That gives it a polished look, and the soft, easy close adds to the comfort we focus on providing.”

Accuride’s partnership with The Modern Caravan marks yet another way in which Accuride’s products are transforming modern living. “The Modern Caravan is the latest of several customers to use Accuride slides innovatively to enhance living in compact spaces, whether it’s an RV or a stationary home,” Accuride’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sid Kalantar, noted. “We’re happy to be working with our customers to help make tiny living comfortable, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing.”

Check out RV Pro’s feature for more about Accuride International’s collaboration with The Modern Caravan:

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