118RC Medium-Duty Linear Track - Accuride System118RC Medium-Duty Linear Track - Accuride System

Accuride 118RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System supports sliding entries up to 800 lbs. Innovative cassettes offer effortless movement. Mount variously.

118RC118RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System

The Accuride 118RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System is your go-to movement solution for sliding entries up to 800 pounds. This system uses innovative and durable cassettes within an aluminum track to deliver effortless linear movement. The 118RC is also extra-versatile by design, allowing you to mount sideways, flatly, or underhung with no negative effect on performance.

  • Max Load: 800 lbs.
  • Available Length(s): 94.5 in.

Choose from two cassette options: a version with stainless steel balls for performance and another with polymer balls for silenced movement. The 118RC is the ideal movement solution for sliding doors, partitions, and worktops. (Accuride also offers the 115RC Light-Duty and 116RC Heavy-Duty for smaller and larger applications, respectively.)

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        *Track can be cut or combined for desired length
          **Made with 6000 Series aluminum