3600ECHeavy-Duty Full-Extension Slide with Soft-Close

Effortless closure every single time. Complete with a high-end internal Easy-Close device and High-Low temperature grease for lubrication, the 3600EC is smoother and quieter motion hardware for wide, heavy-duty drawers, trays, and shelves in commercial, residential, and industrial spaces where an easy-close feature not only enhances operation but also increases safety and end-user satisfaction.
  • Supports loads up to 220 lbs.
  • Non-disconnect for extra safety
  • For additional technical information see below
Unlike other Easy-Close solutions, the 3600EC’s soft-close mechanism is integrated into the slide’s profile for optimal function and design. Still, this is a highly customizable OEM product available to high-volume clients. Longer lead times, tooling charges, and minimum order quantities may apply.
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