3832AALight-Duty Full-Extension and Action-Assist Slide with Lever Disconnect

Put a spring in your hardware’s step. Engineered with a unique Action-Assist feature that employs spring action, the 3832AA is a sliding solution that lends a hand in opening and closing light-duty drawers or trays. Simple as ever, the end-user starts the action with minimal pull-force, and the slide finishes it.
  • Supports loads up to 100 lbs.
  • For drawers up to 16” wide
  • For additional technical information see below
Designed with a neutral zone at the midpoint of travel that ensures steady positioning between opening and closing actions, the 3832AA is a champion for safety and ease. This Action-Assist motion hardware remains a custom designed OEM product available to high-volume clients. Longer lead times, tooling charges, and minimum order quantities may apply.
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