4180-0603-XEEclipse Toolkit

Come extra-prepared with tools for your undermount solution. Compatible with our 3135EC model, the Eclipse Tool Kit quickens and simplifies drawer box prep with all the tools you need to drill and pre-drill holes and mounting locations for your frames and fixtures. Setting up your project for easy success, the Eclipse Tool Kit is equipped with the following helpers:
  • 3/32” Drill Bit: This bit works with the Accuride Drilling Jig (4180-0568-XE) to pre-drill holes for disconnect levers.
  • 4 + ¾” Drill Extension: Paired with the 3/32” Drill Bit, this extension improves access when pre-drilling disconnect lever holes at the required 10-degree angle.
  • #2 x 4” Phillips Point Screwdriver Bit: The length on this bit gives installers better access when installing the screws for the disconnect levers.
  • ¼” Brad Point Drill Bit: This bit is designed for drilling the hook holes in the back of the drawer. If used with the Accuride Drilling Jig, no measuring is required.
  • ¼” Stop Collar: Used with the ¼” Brad Point Drill Bit, this sets the depth for the drawer-hook holes and prevents over-drilling.
  • 5/64” HSS Spring-Loaded Self-Centering Drill Bit: This component fits the wood screw holes of the Eclipse products and ensures pre-drilled holes for the cabinet member are centered properly.
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