Linear Track System|115RCLinear Track System|115RC

115RC|115RC Linear Track System|Linear Track System

115RCMedium-Duty Linear Track System

Seamless movement paired with infinite possibilities. The endlessly versatile 115RC Linear Track System contains lightweight, corrosion-resistant tracks that can be side, flat, or vertically mounted—offering reliable guidance to movable walls, sliding racks, screens, panels, partitions, and even assembly lines.

  • Supports loads up to 265 lbs.
  • Aluminum tracks available in two lengths: 47" and 94,” with or without pre-drilled holes

Purchase of the 115RC requires the following components:

Carriage (Min. Quantity: 1)

  • SS0115-CASSRC: Carriage – Stainless Steel Balls
  • CB0115-CASSRC: Carriage – Polymer Balls

Track (Min. Quantity: 1)

  • AL0115-0120RCH: 47" Aluminum Track w/ Pre-Drilled holes
  • AL0115-0240RCH: 94" Aluminum Track w/ Pre-Drilled holes
  • AL0115-0120RC: 47" Aluminum Track w/o Pre-Drilled holes
  • AL0115-0240RC: 94" Aluminum Track w/o Pre-Drilled holes
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  • Aluminum track available in two lengths: 47" and 94," with and without pre-drilled holes
  • Track may be cut down to desired length or butted together to extend length
  • Recirculating ball carriages in two options: stainless steel ball bearing carriage or polymer ball bearing carriage
  • Multiple carriages may be inserted into tracks. Carriages may be used separately to provide independent movement, combined as a unit, or both methods within one track
  • RoHS-compliant
  • WARNING: California Proposition 65