Accuride offers many corrosion-resistant movement systems. These include stainless-steel telescopic slides, specially coated drawer runners, aluminum tracks, and more. We'll give you a strong and tested solution to meet any need and adapt to any challenge.

Type Description Resistance Level Hours of Salt-Spray Testing
CB Finish Black Chromate Coating Mild 96
CH Finish Clear Chromate w/ Protective Coating Mild 96
CE Finish* Clear Chromate w/ Advanced Protective Coating Moderate 96
CP Finish* Clear Chromate w/ Maximum Protective Coating Moderate-High 120
EW Finish Electrocoat White Coating High 500
SS Stainless-Steel Material Very High Not Needed
AL Aluminum Material Highest Not Needed

* OEM only. Contact OEM Direct for more information.



Accuride 118RC Medium-Duty Linear Track System
118RC Track 2.4m (94.5") without Holes
118RC Recycling Bracket

118RC Recycling Bracket


118RC Self-Leveling Door Bracket

118RC Self-Leveling Door Bracket


118RC Damper

118RC Damper


118RC End Stop

118RC End Stop


118RC Cassette with Polymer Balls
118RC Cassette with Stainless Steel Balls
115 Bracket 20mm for Mounting Doors
115 Bracket 15mm for Mounting Doors
115 Bracket 10mm for Mounting Doors