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  1. Always on the go with precious cargo in tow? We’ve got you covered with our enhanced 9308-E5. The 9308-E5 is a kit that includes one right-handed 9308E Heavy-Duty Lock-In & Lock-Out and one 9301E Heavy-Duty standard slide. * Supports loads up to 600 lbs. * Includes one 9308E (right-handed) and one 9301E slide * Platform bracket kit (OPTIONAL) allows for bottom and side mount applications. From heavy-duty fixtures and appliances around the home to drawers and trays for gear on utility and…

  2. …in the home, industrial workspaces, or institutional equipment. * Supports loads up to 100 lbs. * For drawers up to 16” wide * For additional technical information see below Engineered with the end-user in mind, the 3832EC’s Easy-Close mechanism remains partially shielded to prevent small debris particles from interfering with operation, optimizing it for long-term, maintenance-free use. This specialty motion hardware ensures that the drawer doesn’t pull out of the opener’s hand and re-close.

  3. Stainless steel hardware with a narrow profile. With a corrosion-resistant coating, the SS2028 model is perfect for fixtures that need to withstand moisture or high levels of humidity--including but not limited to industrial machines, outdoor hardware, and commercial or residential kitchens. * Supports loads up to 100 lbs. * For drawers up to 18” wide * For additional technical information see below Non-disconnect for added safety, the SS2028 also includes a standard ¾-extension and a hold-in…

  4. Medium-duty motion hardware on-the-go. Equipped with a standard ¾-extension and a convenient front latch disconnect, the 204A-LR model also includes our handy lock-out feature, making it go-to motion hardware for mobile fixtures, medical carts, pharmaceutical trays, and high-production, industrial equipment or storage. * Supports loads up to 140 lbs. * Tested drawer width at 16” * For additional technical information see below Because of its lock-out capability, the 204A-LR ensures safe and easy…

  5. Lightweight aluminum + stainless steel ball bearings = super-strength. Resistant to moisture, humidity, and corrosion, our AL4120 model can tackle any heavy-duty task while enduring harsh, outdoor, or moist environments. * Supports loads up to 1,212 lbs. * Tested drawer width at 24” * For additional technical information see below From woodworking projects to equipment storage and industrial use, this robust solution offers the same smooth, high-performance without adding extra weight to your…

  6. Lending a hand with overlay installation for your pocket and flipper door applications, this optional clip-on hinge kit is compatible with Accuride models 123 and 1234. Each kit includes two zinc 40mm overlay clip-on hinges, 2 base plates, four #6 screws, four #8 screws, and one “Caution” sticker.

  7. 4180-0568-XE Eclipse Drill Jig

    Precision and ease collide with our Eclipse Jig! Compatible with our 3135EC undermount solution, the Eclipse Drill Jig lends an extra hand for seamless installation, aiding in lever-disconnect assemblies, drawer hooks, front face frame holes, and front side mounts (37mm). For optimal ease and outcomes, we recommend also using the 3/32” Drill Bit (in the optional Eclipse Tool Kit) to control drill depth when drilling.

  8. Ease + Security + Effortless Linear Motion. Available as an optional accessory, the 115RC Easy-Close Kit adds a patented soft-close feature to your hardware, slowing its movement towards the end of travel. Providing 3 lbs. of pull force and extra resistance, the Easy-Close feature acts similar to a hold-in detent--preventing drawer slamming, racking, and side-to-side movement.

  9. Return to 115RC Product Detail Page Extra Quiet + The Same High Quality. Sold as a single component or within a 115RC kit (4180-0756-XE), this cassette provides flawless, linear motion to aluminum track systems with the use of polymer bearings that guarantee silenced operation. Easy-to-install and available for flat- or side-mounting, this polymer ball bearing carriage adds effortless and reliable motion to your hardware of choice.

  10. 4180-0603-XE Eclipse Toolkit

    …is equipped with the following helpers: * 3/32” Drill Bit: This bit works with the Accuride Drilling Jig (4180-0568-XE) to pre-drill holes for disconnect levers. * 4 + ¾” Drill Extension: Paired with the 3/32” Drill Bit, this extension improves access when pre-drilling disconnect lever holes at the required 10-degree angle. * #2 x 4” Phillips Point Screwdriver Bit: The length on this bit gives installers better access when installing the screws for the disconnect levers. * ¼” Brad Point Drill…

  11. CB0116-DAMP 116RC Damper

    Return to 116RC Product Detail Page For robust hardware with a soft side. An optional component for our 116RC Heavy-Duty Linear Track System, this damper cushions and decelerates the last 1.6” of your hardware’s travel for reduced vibration and migration while also providing a smooth, gentle return every time. With the use of this optional damper, end stops are no longer required. However, recycling brackets (SS0166-BRKT01RC) will be needed to protect the carriages, and sliding door fixtures…

  12. Revitalize your cabinets with this pocket/flipper door slide. The Pro Pocket supports both inset and ¾ full-overlay with an “Auto Open” feature. The Auto Open gently springs doors forward the last 1¼" of travel. This ensures your pocket doors are extended fully before closing. * Supports loads up to 30 lbs. * For pocket doors up to 24" wide x 42" tall * Works with either flipper (horizontal) or pocket (vertical) doors * For additional technical information, see below The 1321 is ideal for home…

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