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An Integrated, Intelligent, and Secure Access Solution

Accuride Integrated Access Solutions offers you unlimited possibilities when it comes to securing doors, drawers, and other cabinet-level access. We’ll help you apply our access controls locking systems to work with existing alarm, data tracking, and other security systems. Whatever your industry, our team of expert technicians will work with you to make sure your application is protected

Medical Dispensing Cabinet

Medical Dispensing

Supply Cabinet

Supply Cabinets

Parcel Delivery

Parcel Delivery Service

Data Server Racks

Data and Server Racks

Emergency Vehicle

Emergency Vehicles

more applpications

And much more

What’s Your Application?

Security Refined

Our solutions use multiple sensors, interoperable (two-way communication), and onboard logic to ensure that your application is truly secure. Where many furniture locking systems, including motorized locks, consume power and generate heat, our electronic locking systems are silent, cool, and efficient.

Alternative products to Integrated Access Solutions, like magnetic and solenoid locks, can consume energy and are vulnerable to subversion. Our solutions are, by comparison, energy efficient and designed with intelligent subversion protection.

Adaptable to Your Access Needs

We’re not just about simply developing access solutions—we’re about making robust solutions tailored to fit your needs. We engineer our access controls to accommodate a wide variety of ancillary systems, such as RFID, biometric, keypad, and retinal scanning.

retina eyeball

Retina Scan



number keypad


rfid chip


Rest assured: We speak your language.

Accuride has decades of experience working with clients who contend with important industry certifications:

FDAFIPSFAAHIPAAand more. Whatever the challenge, we’ll help you meet it.

Additionally, our team spans the globe. We’ll help you devise secure access solutions that meet major international technical and industrial standards, including ISO 9001, HIPAA, and CE.

Talk with an Engineer

Low Mass. Low Profile.
Low Consumption. High Efficiency.

Whatever the application, our team of expert innovators will engineer an access control solution to fit your design.

At 0.50″ thin, our e-locks are slimmer and lighter than battery-powered alternatives.

Energy efficiency, operating on no more than 50mA per 200mS on 12v.

Ideal for mobile applications, such as medical carts and diagnostic machines.

Can be adapted for heavy-duty industrial use.

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Backed by Over 50 Years of Expert Innovation

Accuride International has a team of nearly forty seasoned engineers, so rest assured we have the know-how to seamlessly integrate secure access in your design.

Our products go through exhaustive testing cycles to ensure their reliability. Whether you need our solutions for one application or for an entire range of products, the team at Accuride will support you from start to finish.

That’s because we’re not just a solutions provider—we’re a solutions partner.

Learn about our integrated movement and secure access solution for pharmaceutical and medical supply carts in healthcare facilities.

Read Case Study

Learn about our integrated movement and secure access solution for pharmaceutical and medical supply carts in healthcare facilities.

Read Case Study

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 Electronic LockElectronic Side Mount
Slide Lock
Electronic Undermount
Slide Lock
Dimensions (L x W x H)2.79” x .50” x 2.18”2.79” x .50” x 2.18” (Lock)
Drawer Lengths: 12” to 28”
2.79” x .50” x 2.18” (Lock)
Drawer Lengths: 12” to 28”
Break-Force250 lbs.250 lbs.250 lbs.
LocationsCabinet Doors, Drawers, Panels, Carriages, LidsDrawersDrawers
Intelligent Subversion Protection
Touch Release
Voltage Supply5v-24v DC5v-24v DC5v-24v DC
Tech Sheet
Tech Sheet
Tech Sheet

Looking for an Electronic Cabinet Locking System?

For a complete commercial-grade cabinet-level access control system complete with RFID readers, RFID key options like cards or fobs, check out Senseon Secure Access Control System.

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