Accuride provides slides for trays, drawers, and other compartments in major appliances from leading OEMs. We design precision sliding solutions to maximize space, operate in high and low temperatures, and function even in wet conditions.

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Appliance Application Catalog

Refrigeration Solutions

• Crisper Drawers, Deli Trays, Freezer Baskets, Wine and Soda Cooler Shelves, Pull-out Bottom Freezers, Under-counter Refrigerated Drawers

• Light, medium, or heavy-duty solutions to safely carry drawers, storage units, and pullout freezers

• Special features such as soft-close and self-closing

• Food-grade grease formulations for safe, smooth operation. Slide Highlight: The Aero III is a compact OEM slide solution designed for the refrigeration segment of the market.

Slide Highlight: The Aero III is a compact OEM slide solution designed for the refrigeration segment of the market.

Oven Rack Slide Assemblies

Complete solution includes racks, slides, and brackets to fit wire rack supports or molded cavities.

• Provides easy rack removal and reinsertion with full extension or over travel slide options

• Nickel chrome plated steel or stainless steel slides available

• Longer-lasting NSF-approved grease option for smooth movement

Warming / Cooking Drawers

Accuride brings safe ball bearing movement to cooking applications.

• Durable medium- and heavy-duty slides ensure minimal drawer deflection and rack.

• Heat-resistant steel and polymer components designed for high temperature environments.

• Internal and self-closing mechanism available to ensure closure.


Accuride products for dishwashers withstand high temperatures, detergent, and water.

• Slides constructed of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant polymers.

• Over travel provides access when countertop overhangs are present.

• Slides are adaptable to a vertical adjustment feature.

Laundry Accessories

Add storage or expand workspace for sorting and folding with Accuride slides.

• Partial, full extension, or over travel provide access.

• Self-closing option brings drawers to a close.

• Touch-release option for hands-free, toe-kick opening of drawers.

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Corrosion Resistant

Accuride offers a host of sliding systems designed to withstand harsh environments. Included are stainless-steel telescopic slides, weather-coated drawer solutions, aluminum track systems, and more. Providing you with industrial-strength and rigorously tested movement to adapt to your challenge.

OEM Solutions

Are you an Original Equipment Manufacturer in need of a large or custom movement solution? Explore our OEM Direct Page. There you'll learn how we harness our efforts to deliver robust and dependable movement for vehicles, appliances, and more.

Custom Designed Slides in Refrigerated Drawers

A major refrigeration company approached Accuride with a problem. They had been using telescopic slides for the drawers mounted to the case with screws. Installation was awkward and time-consuming. The manufacturer needed a better solution. The drawers needed to carry more that 100 pounds; therefore, the slide needed to be robust enough to cope with the intended load and anticipated abuse by the end users.

Other requirements included:

  • Easy drawer removal (for cleaning)
  • Over travel to ensure the drawer fully cleared the case
  • A high quality experience for the user

Accuride was able to design and manufacture a heavy-duty slide based on the 3600 profile that met the disconnect and travel requirements and addressed the mounting issue with the addition of pocket and bayonets. The addition of pocket/bayonet mounting has reduced assembly time for the manufacturer, which is an important factor in the selection of this solution.

Accuride performed accelerated testing of drawer opening/closing with typical operating loads based on the manufacturer's specifications.

These refrigerated drawer units can be found in many high-end restaurants, as well as in the fast-food sector, providing energy and space efficient refrigeration solutions.

Wine FridgeWine Fridge

White Finish Full Extension Slides

In this particular case the customer chose a 3832 full extension drawer slide in our electrocoat white finish (EW3832) to match the styling of the cabinet. The full extension of these slides allows the user to view the bottle labels before making the selection. With a load rating of up to 100 lbs. the 3832 series is perfectly suited to hold full bottles safely.

Our standard 3832 slide is also available in bright zinc and black finishes or with a weather resistant coating (CH3832); plus a variety of options such as self-close, soft-close, push-to-open and hold-out.

Wine Cooler Storage Drawers

Wine cooler cabinets are designed to keep all types of wines at a ready-to-serve temperature.

This manufacturer offers easy glide shelves for ease of access to all bottles within the cabinet. And the best way of giving this movement is using full extension slides.

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