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Accuride crafts a great assortment of slides, guides, and tracks for machinery and automation markets. Our proven movement solutions are dependable, cost-effective, and highly adaptable. Whatever your challenge, we have a solution.

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Accuride engineers have been on the cutting edge of movement systems for over 50 years. Innovations such as the FG115 Friction Guide help keep machines humming and operations productive with minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.


Low Maintenance

Accuride friction guides require little to no maintenance, thanks to their innovative design.


Accuride friction guides and linear tracks use corrosion-resistant aluminum that withstands tough environments.


Accuride’s FG115 costs far less than many high-end motion systems, while remaining as dependable.


Aluminum components give our friction guides a light footprint and high performance.


Accuride friction guides come with your choice of manual, auto, and non-adjustable carriages.

CNC Machine

CNC Machine

115RC Linear Track
265 lbs. 120 kg

Medium-duty linear track system provides easy sliding movement for machine guards.

Tech Sheet | CAD

CNC Machine

9322E Heavy-Duty
600 lbs. 272 kg

Heavy-duty slide supports loads up to 600 lbs. and includes easy-to-mount pocket-and-bayonet.

Tech Sheet | CAD
9322E Heavy-Duty

CNC Machine

3832EHDSC Self-Close
100 lbs. 45 kg

Light-duty and self-closing slide with added strength to stay closed even in a vibrating or moving application.

Tech Sheet | CAD
3832EHDSC Self-Close

Increased Uptime

Accuride’s products last a lifetime, keeping your operations moving and business productive.

Experienced Engineers

Accuride engineers leverage decades of proven knowhow to develop the best movement solution for your application.

Minimum DPPM*

Minimal hassle with Accuride products mean maximum productivity for your operations.

Strict PPAP**

Accuride movement solutions meet or exceed leading industry standards.

*Defective Parts Per Million
**Production Part Approval Process


Working with Accuride means working with a trusted manufacturing partner backed by more than a half-century of proven knowhow. Our global team of innovators have devoted countless man-hours developing the finest movement hardware. That, in turn, gives your applications max uptime, minimal Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM), and a strict Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

Custom Design & Prototyping

We use the latest software, equipment, and materials to create prototypes in the material you need when you need them.

Quality Management

Accuride manufacturers its products under the strictest quality standards. Every Accuride solution is built with ISO 9001:2015 certification. Accuride also provides custom testing standards to a manufacturer’s needs.

Ongoing Support

Should any unforeseen movement challenges arise, have no worry: Accuride offers field support wherever, whenever you need it.


Accuride’s partnerships with global suppliers ensure uninterrupted development and rapid turnaround at minimal cost.


Tooling & Manufacturing

Accuride has facilities around the globe, with nearly 1 million square feet of manufacturing space.


Exhaustive cycle-testing ensures that these sliding systems will endure for years on end. That’s why our products meet or exceed key industry standards. That's also why we back all our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Certification LogosCertification Logos

Corrosion Resistant

Accuride offers a host of sliding systems designed to withstand harsh environments. Included are stainless-steel telescopic slides, weather-coated drawer solutions, aluminum track systems, and more. Providing you with industrial-strength and rigorously tested movement to adapt to your challenge.

Distributor Options

Accuride supplies its products to major distributors worldwide. If you prefer to order from one, find your local Accuride distributor using the link below.

Movement You Can Rely On

All Accuride products are backed by over 50 years of proven expertise and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Trust in Accuride to keep you moving.

bisco Industries

For over 40 years, bisco industries has been delivering quality products in aviation, electronics, and manufacturing. See the bisco team explain how it strives to deliver the best products and service—and how Accuride helps the company achieve class-leading customer satisfaction.

Accuride in Action

Modern car production lines are complex and need to be highly efficient. Manufacturers rely on specially constructed cages called stillages to transport components to the right point on the assembly line. Accuride’s slides are designed into stillages to give easy access to the parts. In these examples, you see light transport units and another stillage used to access parts on a car production line. Both are fitted with model 9301. An alternate choice for lighter loads (up to 350 lbs.) is model 7957.

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