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There's no room for error when it comes to healthcare. That's why manufacturers in the medical field turn to Accuride. Our movement and access control solutions ensure that healthcare professionals have quick and easy access to contents. Our products also meet critical governmental and industry certifications, including CE, HIPAA, and more. Accuride's team of engineers will work with you to implement movement and access control solutions into your healthcare applications.

Some examples of where you can find Accuride slides and access control:

Medical Carts

Mobile Diagnostic Systems

X-Ray Machines

Optical Equipment

Examination Tables

Pharmaceutical Cabinets

Medical Office Furniture

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Heavy-Duty Sliding Doors

A hospital needed a practical solution to hang sliding doors and solve a patient handling problem. Traditionally the doors hang from a top rail and move on rollers. However, ceiling hoist tracks had been installed across the door openings to support patients while moving them from the corridors to the bed. The hospital still needed sliding doors that complied with legislation and stand up to heavy usage.

One of our distributors recommended the heavy-duty 9301 slide in a 36" length with a white coating. Two slides were fitted to each door, one at the top to take the door weight and one at the bottom as a guide. Success!

Another option for heavier doors is Model AL4140, a corrosion resistant aluminum slide that carries loads up to 1,323 pounds.

Self-Close Solutions For Carts On The Go

Accuride has supplied many types of slides for medical carts; particularly self-closing slides to ensure that the drawer closes completely and stays closed. In this case, the manufacturer sought a self-closing slide in a white finish, model 3832SC. It was important that Accuride could provide a consistent and reliable supply of product based on the customer's manufacturing schedule.

On another project, the client needed a slide with a small side space and smooth movement in a short length. Here, we offer slide solutions with Model 2601 in a 10" length, and Model 2132 in lengths of 12" and 14".

A larger project called for an interlock system to prevent more than one drawer being opened at the same time. This is an important consideration to prevent the cart from tipping forward. Model 3641 with front interlock solved this potential problem, while also offering over travel and the ability to manage wider drawers.


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