A new article from RV Daily Report profiles an innovative new company, Voyager Campervans, a rental company based in Minneapolis. Voyager’s small van designs incorporate slides made by Accuride.

“Accuride International’s slides are built to the right scale and are designed to maximize space in limited areas while increasing weight-bearing capacity,” said Strategic Marketing Manager Mauricio Osorio.

“These things are so strong, an adult can jump on an open drawer,” added RV designer Grady Linder, the founder of Voyager Campervans, whose firm is part of the wave of tiny vans sweeping the country.

Accuride’s innovations are only beginning to scratch the surface of need in the RV industry where space is an ongoing concern and weight another. Despite their ability to hold substantial weight, Accuride’s slides for RVs weigh only 4 to 12 pounds, depending on length, adding little in extra tare weight to the vehicle. For its OEM customers, Accuride offers a weather-resistant coating with up to eight times greater protection than that offered in its base product.

“The slides outperform others in their class in benchmark testing. A user unlocks our slide with just one push of a tab, and a lock-in/lock-out feature keeps an accessory securely closed or open,” said Osorio.

Read the full article for more information.

Source: https://rvdailyreport.com/industry/accurides-sliding-shelves-carry-more-weight-need-less-space/

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