Drawer Slides

Accuride has an unmatched lineup of slides for any application: drawers, flipper doors, and server racks — just to name a few. We offer slides with load capacities from a few pounds to over half a ton. We even offer slides with special features, such as soft-close and touch-release.

Simply browse our many offerings below to find the slide that’s right for you!

Drawer Slides In Detail

For more than 50 years we’ve worked with architects, designers, and specifiers to develop slide solutions that provide movement, positioning, and access in a vast range of applications across a broad spectrum of industries. In doing this we’ve observed and recorded some factors that need to be considered when designing with Accuride slides.

Special Features

Accuride offers a host of special features that improve design and functionality in your application.

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How do I remove my drawer?

Many Accuride drawer slides have a mechanism that disconnects a drawer from a cabinet. You can learn about the different disconnect methods via our blog or our video.

How do I find the right slide for my project?

Visit our Drawer Slides page. We list our range of slides by key traits, such as load rating, special features, and mounting arrangement. For any further help, you can contact our Customer Support.

How can I mount slides on the bottom of the drawer instead of the sides?

Also known as under mounting or flat mounting. Accuride has specific models designed to be mounted under the drawer (bottom-mounted, under-mounted, or flat-mounted).

We do not recommend flat-mounting slides that are designed to be side mounted because it reduces the load carrying capacity to less than 25% of the side-mount capacity.

How do I find and purchase an Accuride product?

You can purchase select products on our Online Store or through an Accuride distributor. You can find a local distributor with our Distributor Locator.

How do I get replacement parts to repair a slide?

Most replacement parts such as bumpers, plastic rail clips, brackets, and hardware are available though our Technical Support Request. A digital picture of the part may be required for identification. When sending photos please send a JPG file. Zip files cannot be accepted. If available, replacement parts will be mailed. Delivery will take 2-4 weeks.

Note: We will notify you if the parts are obsolete and no longer available.


Ready to start browsing and adding Accuride products to your shopping cart? Visit our online store, try our trusty Slide Selector tool, search through our distribution partners, or check out our OEM custom program to find the movement solution that brings your application one step closer to completion.