A Revolutionary Locking System

Senseon Secure Access is a cutting-edge RFID access control system ideal for cabinetry in retail spaces.This concealed, keyless system gives your staff rapid access to merchandise while blending seamlessly into store fixtures – and improving the security of your business.

  • $44BILLION
    Shoplifting accounts for $44.2 billion annually.
    (NRSS 2017)
    Internal theft accounts for 30 percent of inventory shrink.
    (NRSS 2017)
  • $5,309PER ROBBERY
    Robberies cost retailers an average of $5,309
    (NRSS 2017)
    32 percent of customers don’t like waiting for a salesperson to unlock a cabinet to show merchandise.
    (UCLA Executive MBA Retail Consumer Study)

Designed with You in Mind

Security shouldn’t conflict with operations and design – it should enhance them. And that’s just what Senseon does: This modular system uses low-profile components, including slim electronic locks, that easily fit into your store’s casework. Integration doesn’t stop there, either: The Senseon system can integrate into broader access control networks, such as Lenel, Andover, and S2.

Demo and Display Stations

Senseon electronic locking systems can be integrated into new and custom-designed service stations, or retrofitted into older ones hassle-free. Better still: Senseon can enhance those stations with convenient features like Auto-Open, Easy-Close, and Touch-Release.


Speed up transactions by keeping merchandise readily available for front-end associates. That means more productivity, greater customer satisfaction, and a better bottom-line for your business.

Display Cases

Senseon’s electronic locks for cabinet sliding doors are perfect for glass displays, counter showcases, and vitrines in any retail environment. And thanks to Auto-Relock, you can have peace of mind knowing that Senseon can re-secure an opening even if an associate forgets.


Senseon’s low-profile electronic locks bring secure access into portable and stationary kiosks with a power source–just another way Senseon accommodates your access control needs. Whether you’re using side- or undermount drawers, Senseon can secure your kiosk while still providing your associates with quick access to contents.

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Streamlined Operations, Minimized Wait Times, Expedited Transactions

Minimize customer wait times and expedite transactions by keeping associates on the sales floor. Instead of leaving a customer to retrieve merchandise, Senseon allows associates access contents right on the sales floor.

Enhance Merchandise Security with Auto Relocking

Equipped with subversion-proof technology, you can rest easy knowing Senseon’s auto relock feature will keep merchandise secure even if your staff forgets.

In addition to its intelligence, Senseon locks have a break force of 250 lbs. That’s four times stronger than traditional keyed locks!

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Access Control Integrated Into Your Store

Access Control is just that – control. The scalable Senseon secure access system seamlessly integrates with building access control systems like Lenel, Andover, and S2 – allowing you to take full control of your building’s security and minimize internal theft.

Superior Design with Enhanced Functionality

Part of great customer experience is the design of the store and the furniture within it. Senseon’s hidden design gives you the freedom to design fixtures that are not only eye-catching, but secure. Whether you want a fixture with or without handles, Touch-Release or Easy-Close, Senseon can enhance security and aesthetics in virtually any cabinet design.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, Senseon’s features improve functionality in virtually any casework – creating a user-friendly functional cabinet.

Auto Open

Just a tap of an RFID card and your door or drawer pops open, giving you full access to the contents inside.


Tap to unlock, then simply push to open drawers or doors.


Every push brings a drawer or door to a smooth and gentle close — securely every time.

Sliding Doors

A simple tap of your RFID card, fob, wristband or tag grants quick access to fixtures with sliding doors.

We Know Cabinetry – Inside & Out

Senseon brings you more than 50 years’ experience in engineering solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial casework worldwide. Rest assured: Senseon is a partner you can trust to bring dependable secure access to your operations.

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